ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- Big Brothers Big Sisters Abilene needs 30 volunteers by December 10th  to get 30 kids off their waitlist by Christmas, but they need your help to do it. 

Nathan Adams is currently a big brother with BBBS. 

“His name is Jaden, he is a great kid, he comes from a great family,” said Adams. 

BBBS is an organization which strives to build up younger generations through mentorship. 

“It’s been fun to get to know him, he went from being a freshman in high school to mow he is a junior,” said Adams. 

Adams says he works in youth ministry. 

“I’ve always wanted to have more of, like, a one-on-one connection or time just to get to know whatever student I was working with and so this gave me that opportunity,” said Adams. 

Having that mentorship is something Adams says he wished he had as a kid. 

“I wish I had more growing up,” said Adams. 

So now, he gets to be there for Jared. 

“I think the entire planet, let alone our own community could learn from just getting to know one other person on that kind of level,” said Adams. 

Megan Woodard, director of public relations and recruiting for BBBS, is also a big sister. 

“5 years ago, I would have told myself; why did you wait so long,” said Woodard. 

She says BBBS is hoping to match 30 kids on the waiting list with bigs by the end of the year if 30 adults can volunteer their time.  

“Our program is not about creating time, and creating an awesome experience every time you get together with your little, it’s just about sharing the time you already have,” said Woodard. 

Adams says this experience has been life changing for him and hopes people will consider signing up. 

“Jaden is awesome, I hope everyone gets a student like him,” said Adams. 

The time commitment for BBBS is about 2-4 hours a month, which can be anything from going to the zoo, or taking your little on your errands around town.