ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Last week we saw our fair share of severe storms across the area, but it looks like we’re beginning the fall season with warm and calm weather.

Last Tuesday, was the most active day. There were severe storms in King into Knox counties, and also Coke into Nolan counties. Later that night, Throckmorton, Stephens, and Eastland counties were affected by severe storms as well. The rest of the week calmed down as far as severe storms that is until this past weekend.

Saturday, we had a marginal risk for severe storms but none of the storms were able to really develop due to the cold front still in the Panhandle region. Sunday the potential increased to a slight risk for eastern Big Country.

However, the cold front had passed through the Big Country by the time storms were able to develop and become severe. Storms developed just south of the Heartland and continued to move southeast.

There was one isolated severe thunderstorm in King County which rapidly weakened as it moved into Knox County. The rest of the Big Country had a rather quiet weekend minus temperatures in the triple digits.

Weather conditions this week will remain quiet for the Big Country. Rain chances are nonexistent with sunny skies every day. Highs will be mainly in the low 90s with lows in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. Winds will also be light around 0-15 miles per hour.

The quiet weather pattern is thanks to a high-pressure system settling over the Lone Star State Tuesday morning. High pressure normally brings drier conditions to surrounding areas.

Here is a look at the surface fronts and pressure chart valid for tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m.:

As you can see, there is that high pressure area located in north central Texas. The frontal system that moved through the area yesterday has progressed further south still producing showers and storms to the coastal region of the US.

To the north, there is a broad area of high pressure. If you noticed, there is no rain or storm chances for areas near high pressure. All of the activity develops around low pressure systems with fronts. With that being said, the broad area of high pressure will keep us dry this week.

Even though we haven’t quite gotten to the fall weather we’ve been hoping for, temperatures will be slightly cooler this week with plenty of sunshine, so it is a great time to enjoy the outdoors.