ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — The Big Country community is coming together to help fire departments as they fight the Easter Blues Fire.

Protection Supervisor for Oregon Department of Forestry, Jeb Schumacher traveled to the Big Country from Oregon to help the Texas A&M Forest Service. He now feels refreshed by the compassion of the Big Country as he helps battle the near 500 acre Easter Blues Fire in Elm Valley.

“The big difference in fighting fire on the west coast and here was definitely the community support,” Schumacher said.

As the flames rose on Sunday evening, so did the urgency in the community and Taylor County to step up, as four volunteer fire departments including Buffalo Gap, View, Mulberry Canyon, and ECCA joined together.

“That’s the only way that we’re able to be successful on these, no one has enough resources to stop one of these big fires, we all work together and we have for years and hopefully we continue to do that a long time,” ECCA Fire Chief Gary Young said.

Young said the terrain made the fire conditions more difficult to fight, but they also had aircraft support to help out. Those on the front lines weren’t the only ones taking action though.

Medical Officer for ECCA Fire Department says, “We’ve been trying to distribute food, we have sandwiches, all kinds of nuts, fruits, bananas, and Gatorades for the firefighters.”

Young’s wife Janel and the grandkids distributed supplies to the crews that were donated from the Big Country Community.

“If a fire comes along or something medical happens, you’ve got to have your neighbors take care of you. We take care of each other,” Janel said.

Janel and the kids are hoping to show their appreciation and bring food and a smile to those fighting the flames.