Big Country doctor group meets, shares health tips


ABILENE, Texas (KRBC) – As Texas continues the reopening process, people are heading back to work, and groups of people are forming up once again. One group that had been sidelined since the start of the pandemic, the Big Country County Medical Society, met again for the first time Friday. While things seem to be getting back to normal, they aren’t there just yet.

Big Country CMS President John Cole said, “We know that the COVID virus is still in the community. It’s still transmitting in the community, so we still need to take all the precautions we can to be able to get back to work on a limited basis, but still be able to protect the community.”

That means some of the big changes we’ve had to make may need to continue for a while longer.

President-elect Brad Butler said, “I definitely encourage them to continue safe distancing, wearing a mask where possible, hand hygiene. I would encourage folks that these practices do work, and they do prevent spread of the disease.”

Those practices are nothing new. Many are the lessons we learned in childhood, applied a bit more diligently.

“It’s the things that your mom taught you when you were two or three years old”, explained Indira Maharaj-Mikiel, a family medicine specialist. “It’s just sticking to the common sense things and trying to be safe. This is how we’re going to keep our families safe. It’s how we’re going to keep our community safe.”

While things may not be exactly the same as before, there are still some things that some people may have been putting off than can be dealt with again.

Jason Acevedo is an ear, nose, and throat physician. He said,”It is safe to go see your doctor. We’re starting to see in other areas where people’s other chronic diseases are starting to take a toll because they’ve been so concerned about leaving the house. But it’s OK to see your doctor. We screen patients. We check them. We respect all of the same rules regarding social distancing.

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