ABILENE, Texas (BigCountryHomepage.com) – For the last 27 years, every third Thursday in March has been dedicated to parents bragging about their children with Absolutely Incredible Kids Day. In our newsroom, it’s a little more often.

Monica Diaz-Meek, Morning Anchor for KRBC News, is mom to 20-month-old Miles. When she’s not spending time with her little guy, she’s talking about him!

Some of Monica’s brags about Miles includes:

  • Helps others when hurt
  • Befriends everyone around him
  • Loves to help Mom and Dad around the house
  • Loves to read
  • Enjoys nature time

Meteorologist Susana Harbert welcomed baby Sadie to the world just five months ago. This first-time mom can’t stop doting on her perfect baby girl.

My little Sadie was born October 13th, and if I may say so she’s a little trooper. She was born at 5-and-a-half pounds. She’s now 12 pounds and 2 feet tall, already almost as tall as momma,” Susana said.

David Bacon, Evening Anchor for KRBC News, is dad to two – Michael and Kate. Even though they’ve grown up, they will, of course, always be his babies.

Michael Bacon is an assistant boys’ basketball coach at Cooper High School, and has been on the staff that has led the Cougars into the state playoffs for three straight seasons,” David bragged about his son. He also included his daughter-in-law, Sarah, in his submission, and couldn’t possibly leave out his granddaughter, 3-year-old Hailey.

As for David’s daughter, “Kate Ashby works for the Abilene Educational Foundation. Her area of expertise is helping AISD students earn college scholarships, taking them on tours and working them through the application process.”

David went on to dote on his son-in-law Jay and their little girl, “They’re parents of an equally beautiful little girl, Micah, who will be 2 next month.”

Telemundo’s Karen Taffanelli has a teen at home and couldn’t be prouder of her 15-year-old daughter, Oly!

“My daughter is truly the best. Since she was a baby she didn’t behave like a regular child her age. She never threw a tantrum in public, she learned manners… And was very polite,” Karen listed. “In addition to saying ‘I love you’ to her father and me 100 times daily, she is very open, and she tells us about everything that might bother her. In short, I have always considered her the ‘catalogue’ daughter that anyone can dream of having.”

Absolutely Incredible Kids Day was created in 1996 by Camp Fire, a youth development organization. Don’t forget to brag on your incredible kids today!