ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – School districts in the Big Country took extra precautions on the last week of school Wednesday, in the wake of a school shooting which took place Tuesday in Uvalde. 

In the Key City, Abilene ISD continued to assure parents of its school safety protocols. 

“Our school district is doing everything that we possibly can to make sure your students are safe,” said Abilene ISD’s Director of School Safety and Security, Tony Lassetter. 

Lassetter said the schools have increased its police presence and patrol officers in and outside the school grounds. Anyone entering the building is required to go in through the main office.  

The front doors of the schools all have doorbells, where someone can be buzzed in after discussing the purpose of their arrival. 

Lassetter told KTAB/KRBC that the safety of students and staff is very important to them, and with these additional safety measures, he assured parents of their children’s safety. 

“We have numerous school marshals throughout our school district,” Lassetter informed. “We don’t tell you who those are, those are confidential, and we like to keep it that way just for the safety of those school marshals and for our staff and students.”

Other Independent school districts in the Big Country are also reminding parents of the safety guards they have in place, including Clyde ISD.

“Each of our campuses has a secured entry to the front part of the building, which leads you into the office. We check often to make sure that our exterior side doors are locked and secured,” said Clyde ISD’s Superintendent Kenny Berry.  

Over at Brownwood ISD, Director of Human Resources Doug Bonsal said not only is the safety of the school’s staff and students important, but their mental health, as well. When it comes to safety protocols, Bonsal told KTAB/KRBC it is grateful to have the support of the Brownwood Police Department on its side for help. 

“We have a great relationship with our police department,” Bonsal said. “Anytime we ask for a little more attentive patrols around our schools, they immediately respond.”

With graduation just around the corner, Brownwood police said they will have more officers present at this year’s ceremony. 

“We have emergency operations plans to deal with several different emergencies, should they arrive and we’re able to address them accordingly,” said officer Fred Bastardo. 

The Uvalde shooting brought the usually secret safety protocols of schools to the surface, leading to the reassurance to parents teachers, and students that they are prepared and ready for whatever may come their way.