CLYDE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – As Abilene continues to attract businesses and potential employees, the City of Clyde is preparing for when those two Groups finally meet.

“There’s other developers that are coming in now developing land, and so it’s really an exciting time for us as a community,” says Clyde housing developer Jerod Yates.

Yates’s property “Legacy Township” is just one of many housing projects that the city says they’re excited to see popping up.

With businesses like Primal Pet Group and Great Lakes Cheese setting up shop in Abilene, job searchers are sure to follow, and Clyde is positioned to house many of them at a much more attractive cost of living.

“We’re super happy for everything that’s going on in Abilene, and we see that that natural growth is going to start coming east and we’re just trying to position ourselves to take advantage of that growth,” says Clyde City Manager Chris McGuire.

So called “Bedroom Communities” offer housing, schools, and a small town feel to those who may be working in bigger cities nearby.

“You can have the amenities that come with living in a city, but still have the small town, rural feel, and you want to have a little bit more acreage,” McGuire says.

Along with an increase in the population comes a need for growth, and even some catching up in city infrastructure. McGuire says that smart water meters, solar powered city facilities, upgrades to the water production plant, and an overhaul of waste management are key components in moving ahead wisely.

“We knew that was our biggest problem, water and Infrastructure. If we were going to grow the city smartly, we needed to resolve those issues,” McGuire said.

The plan is to move forward so that Clyde remains relevant without losing what sets it apart by pursuing housing developments that appeal to all income brackets.

“The challenge is growing the community and still maintaining the small-town feel that the citizens want,” says McGuire.

“We’re not going to have a mall in Clyde, we’re not going to have a Super Walmart in Clyde, it’s going to make Clyde unique in that aspect and I think is going to maintain a lot of that hometown feel that we all enjoy, but at the same time be able to grow in that as well,” Yates said.

More detailed information on the plan moving forward can be found in the City Manager’s full report.