ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) – When you reach the age of 90, you’ve seen and done a lot in your life. But, an Abilene man proves turning 90 is no reason to give up your passion.

Roland Williams, an Abilene resident says, “We came here because of necessity, really.”

But, home is where the heart is and for Roland and Gloria Williams, who have been married for almost 69 years, home is at Wesley Court; a senior living community in Abilene.

His wife, Gloria says, “It’s a blessing. So many don’t have their mate and that means a lot to me.”

Williams adds, “She’s my right hand person.”

Shortly after moving in, Roland recognized a need, “I had been going down the hallway and had not found anyone visiting with the residents.”

That wasn’t okay with him. So with permission, Roland changed that. He is the facility’s volunteer chaplain.

Cheryl Harding, the Executive Director at Wesley Court says, “He brings them comfort through his visits and his prayers. I know he makes a huge impact here because I hear it from the other residents.”

“I pastored for over 20 years. I’m 90 years of age now and to bless Wesley Court, they gave me an opportunity to continue my ministry,” says Williams.

The experience brings new meaning to Roland’s life.

“It’s a rewarding experience. To go into a room to find someone that’s really depressed. They’re ill or they wouldn’t be here. And I can go in there and in just a few moments, I get to talking to them and try and lift them out of that depression. Get them to smile,” Williams says.

Harding adds, “I just think he has the biggest heart in Texas.”

That’s why Harding nominated Roland Williams for Big Hearts in the Big Country.

Williams responds, “It humbles me. Because I don’t feel like I have done enough to be worthy of that recognition. It does, it creates me. It’s just a thrill. It helps my life. I know that I don’t have many more years on earth. I’m 90 years of age and I’m living those days in a wonderful way.”

Williams also leads the Sunday School class at Wesley Court. He started it after some residents expressed interest and couldn’t necessarily leave the facility to go to a church.