Big Hearts: Dyess spouse captures homecomings for military families


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB) –  It’s all about capturing the moment, and it’s a passion for professional photographer Jaime Rogl, of Jaime Rogl Photography.

“I’ve always been into the art field. I really found my calling for photography when I began my own motherhood experience,” she says.

Newborn photo shoots keep her busy.

“I get to create these memories that they get to look back in on,” adds Rogl.

Sometimes her assignment looks a little bit different.

“My husband is a pilot in the Air Force. As a military spouse, we get to go through all those hardships of, you know, spouses being gone, you know, the anxiety and everything that comes with that,” Rogl says.

“You don’t notice how much they do until they’re gone,” says Olga Yarian, an Air Force spouse.

That’s why Rogl is focused on doing something special for other military spouses, like Olga Yarian.

Rogl says, “It’s a joy you can’t ever compare anything to.”

“It was very busy and very exciting. Everyone is excited. A lot of emotion. Just having someone there to document this for me and taking this weight off my shoulder was really really amazing,” Yarian says.

Rogl volunteers her time to document priceless moments as families are reunited after deployment.

“It’s so cool. It’s emotional. You see these really young children who have gone through so much with their dads or moms being gone, and getting to watch the tears roll down from their eyes, getting to watch their emotions, it is so big. It’s incredible,” Rogl says.

Yarian adds, “It’s a lot of anticipation. From the time, they always do a flyover, and then they finally land, it feels like forever.”

Yarian welcomed her husband home with the help of their three daughters last fall.

“The flight line is very windy, especially here in Texas,” she says. “Just trying to wear a dress, feel pretty, chase my kids, make sure they’re not getting run over.”

It may be a little chaotic, but nothing short of patriotic.

“They were gorgeous, absolutely stunning. We love looking back at them and remembering that day,” says Yarian.

It’s an experience that only military families really understand.

“You see them coming.You’re like, ‘Woohoo, he’s going to be there to take out the trash,'” Yarian laughs.

Those emotional moments are now photographs for Yarian and other families to cherish forever.

Rogl adds, “It’s a gift from me and the other photographers who work with me to say thank you to these service members.”

Rogl has already done about a dozen of these homecoming shoots and looks forward to documenting more in the future.

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