AUSTIN (KXAN) — A bill that would ban red light cameras across Texas is headed to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk. He’s expected to sign it into law: one of Abbott’s campaign promises during his re-election effort was to ban the cameras.

The House bill was filed in February and represents a step in the decades-long push to stop Texas cities private companies to run the cameras and send people $75 fines. The House passed the bill May 8 with a vote of 109 to 34.

On Friday, the bill passed the Texas Senate 23-8. It could take up to 10 days for the bill to get to the governor so he can sign it. 

Supporters of the bill believe red light cameras are unconstitutional. A KXAN investigation in 2018 found hundreds of cameras in Texas could be operating illegally, based on how they were installed.  Those who oppose the ban believe the cameras can reduce serious collisions at intersections.

The cameras may not be removed right away everywhere. There is an amendment to the bill that lets cities keep them in place until their contracts with the private companies run out.