ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Twin anteaters, Daphne and Arnaud, at the Abilene Zoo celebrated their first birthday Wednesday. Complete with special birthday treats and decorations, the critters seemed to really enjoy their birthday bash!

In a Facebook Live video, the Abilene Zoo showed treats its commissary team made which featured some familiar, and more interesting flavors like coconut, banana, applesauce, avocado mousse, honey, even peanut butter cookies… Garnished with grasshoppers and other insects.

The anteaters’ enclosure was decorated with cardboard letter cutouts that read “happy birthday” and two 1s, painted in pinks and blues.

The 1-year-olds could be seen in their enclosure Tuesday, having a treat and playing with their birthday signs.

Daphne and Arnaud were born Monday, March 28, 2022. The zoo said it is very rare for an anteater to be able to carry twin pups to term. Much to the zoo’s delight, the twins and mom, Demo, are thriving! Demo even still gives little Arnie rides on her back.

In physicality, the zoo said Arnie takes more after his mom, but his laidback personality is all dad. Whereas Daphne is tall and lean like their dad, but “full of attitude,” kind of like mom.

Happy birthday, Daphne and Arnaud!