ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene mother, Yuri Romero, said her daughter Jurdin doesn’t like people to fuss over her. But for her 15th birthday, she agreed to let her mother go all out with a Quinceañera. Romero planned and saved up to make the day truly special for her secondborn. All that hard work was tainted by the fact that $1,500 in presents went missing following the Saturday celebration.

“She’s shy, but she’s a big deal, and we just wanted her to feel loved and special on her day,” Romero expressed.

Romero and her brother had saved up to get her a surprise gift they knew she would love. Five Nike brand hoodies and seven pairs of Nike brand ‘Dunks’ sneakers. Romero said Jurdin had a particular affinity for the clothes, and she was happy to surprise her with them on her special day.

Jurdin with family and friends holding presents (Photo by Margaret Martinez Photography)

“All the anxiety, late nights, and early mornings to get everything ready. It was all worth it just to see that big smile of hers,” Romero said.

After the gift opening, Romero said the presents were taken back to a nearby closet where they had been stored before. This is the last time she remembers seeing them. Jurdin woke up two days later on Monday, excited to show off her new merch at school but unable to find her gifts.

“She said Mom, they’re not there, and I’m like, hold on. Who has them? And so that’s when we noticed they were missing,” said Romero.

Calls to friends and family revealed that no one seemed to know where Jurdin’s gifts had gone. Immediately, Romero began posting to social media, calling the venue, and alerting local pawn shops and retailers to be on the lookout for the clothes.

“Oh, I was heartbroken. I cried, I cried for two days… She just said It’s okay. Thank y’all anyway for getting it for me. That hurt my heart even more,” said Romero.

Though she was touched by her daughter’s understanding at the time, Romero said she is not content to let her daughter’s smile be stolen. She asks anyone who can keep an eye out for the missing shoes and hoodies.

“I even searched through the dumpsters. The girls were like, ‘Ew, Mom, you’re going in there?’ And I said that’s a lot of money; I’m going to look for them,” Romero said.

Thankfully, not every gift was lost. The gift cards and money she had received that night did make it home. Romero said her daughter surprised her again with her kind heart and understanding.

“She went to count it all up, and she was like, mom, I’m rich!… Now I get to buy y’all Christmas presents, and I’m like, You just had something stolen from you, yet you’re thinking about giving it away for Christmas. Thinking about us,” said Romero.

Others, like their event photographer Margaret Martinez, began to post as well, and word spread fast. Even so, the gifts remain missing. But Romero said she will not let this unfortunate event make her daughter feel any less worthy of celebration.

“I told her I would get her gifts one way or the other. If I have to work a little bit more, then that’s fine… Might take me a little bit longer, but she’ll get them,” Romero said.

If you have any information that may lead the family to the whereabouts of Jurdin’s gifts, you can contact Yuri Romero at (325) 660-1979.