EULA, Texas (KRBC) – Eula Volunteer Fire Chief Charlie Dawson is receiving an inspiring outpouring of support from his community as he continues his battle with cancer.

Now, the Hendrick Regional Blood Center is hosting a blood drive in his honor.

“It’s just like a brother calling, ‘mayday.’ We put everything down, we put lives on hold,” said Roy Galinak, Eula Fire Department.

Chief Dawson’s leukemia diagnosis isn’t stopping him from helping others.

“He wants blood for everybody. He is turning a negative for him into a positive for everybody,” said Galinak.

Chief Dawson is challenging the Big Country to donate enough to stock the Hendrick Regional Blood Center.

“The entire Big Country area has come out and shown some form of support, so he really appreciates that and he appreciates everything everybody is doing for him, even if it’s just saying a prayer,” said Galinak.

Less than one week in, the center is seeing an impact.

“We have gotten such a great response, and the community is really pushing behind Charlie,” said Kelsey Caprio, Donor Recruiter for Hendrick Regional Blood Center.

This call to action is just one of many throughout his career.

“Charlie is a great guy. He will do anything for anybody if you ask him. He has helped me through times in my life when I needed help,” said Galinak.

The blood drive is Thursday at Black Plumbing off at 4640 South Treadaway from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.