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Boy Scout builds scattering garden for Abilene Veterans Cemetery

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC)- After planning, organizing, and building since early this year, 15-year-old Dale Tibbitts finally finished his Eagle Scout project. Now the Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Abilene has its own scattering garden to accommodate veterans and their families.

“First I had to design the area. I made a 3D model of it, and then I chose the materials and where I would get them from. I started fundraising. I got the materials, then I came down here marked the area, and started working with a group of boy scouts and some friends,” said Tibbitts.

Cemetery Representative Jimmy Defoor says the new scattering garden fills a need the cemetery had been missing for a long time.

“We’ve used the area just to scatter ashes on the grass out here, but now they have something more formal. Something that fits right into our cemetery,” said Defoor.

Tibbitts says this cemetery means a lot to him, and that is one of the reasons why it was a perfect spot for him to do his Eagle Scout project.

“I have a friend, a veteran friend of my parents, who I was really close to, who’s buried out here. So it’s very nice to be able to do something for the veterans and for the cemetery that he was buried at,” said Tibbitts.

Defoor says his daughter is buried in this cemetery, and all of Tibbitts’ hard work means the world to him and all families looking for a quiet place to scatter the ashes of loved ones.

“It’s just a feeling of elation, of you know, being very happy to have something that I can offer to the veterans and their families,” said Defoor.