ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Wednesday evening as many Abilene were following the events of the two residential shootings that took place, a family was grieving a loss. 40-year-old Eric Tonche was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Avenue.

“My brother was a very big hearted person… I just couldn’t believe it… just the waiting for him to pop up like, ‘Hey everything’s okay’… He never showed up,” said brother Elias Tonche Jr.

Tonche was found lying in the street clinging to life. Police arrested 20-year-old Marvin Kyree Jones Jr. who has been charged with the crime.

Mr. Daniel Martinez lives down the road from the spot Tonche was found. Martinez said he and his wife rushed to the scene when they heard shots ring out.

“Me and my wife were sitting here. We were just conversating when we heard the gunshots. My wife said oh those were probably fireworks. I said no they were gunshots… I didn’t think nothing of it. I just jumped out of the car and I ran over to see what I could do. I didn’t see nobody around him. Nobody was trying to help him,” Martinez recalled.

Finding a faint pulse, Martinez tried to administer CPR, but even with first responders on the way, he said the outlook was bleak.

“When I got there I did see he had bullet wounds. First thing I did was I tried to talk to him to see if I could get his name but he was unresponsive… That’s when I noticed he was having trouble breathing so I was like man I don’t think there’s nothing I can do,” said Martinez.

At this time, it is not known why or how Tonche was shot, only that he was in the middle of an altercation involving Jones. Even so, Elias said he knew his brother to be the kind of person that would rush towards danger, no matter the cost.

“How can a person lay his life down for another person? And that’s what he did… My brother was helping just like he would always do,” said Tonche Jr.

His brother was later pronounced deceased at the hospital. While his family had hoped for a Miracle, Tonche Jr. shared they hold no ill will towards Jones.

“It don’t make sense… My brother’s gonna… he’s gonna be missed very much… But what did Jesus come to do for us? Forgave us. So I got to extend that to my brother Marvin Jones,” Tonche Jr. expressed.

Marvin Jones Jr. is being held in the Taylor County Jail on a $500,000 bond for Murder, Evading Arrest, and Abandoning/Endangering a Child.