Brownwood, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Debra Dixon says the conditions at the Corrine T. Smith animal center were unacceptable…

“Sitting in feces and urine. Sitting on cement floors in cages and many of them don’t even have a bottom. It’s just wired. They’re on sheets,” said Debra Dixon, president of the Corrine T. Smith Animal Center.

As of Monday night, Dixon took on the role as president of the non-profit–firing three of the shelter’s employees

Including the shelter’s now-former director Carren Bowden…

Bowden had been the director for four years–looking toward a goal of a no-kill shelter…

“You’re damned if you don’t euthanize, so what are you supposed to do with all the overflow of animals that comes in. And, that’s something people don’t understand–people out in the public,” said Carren Bowden.

Tuesday morning the shelter was filled with an overwhelming foul odor, with feces and urine everywhere. Dixon claims these conditions are the norm.

“I said, ‘have you ever gone out there and looked at this? and they said ‘well, you don’t know if that dog had just peed in there a few minutes before that.’ and I said, ‘I have a month of these pictures, and these are the same dogs over and over and over,'” said Dixon.

Bowden disagrees, saying the dogs and cats’ kennels were maintained. Tuesday’s conditions were only the result of one night without cleaning.

Dixon also claims the dogs were never taken out to relieve themselves or taken for walks.

“It’s cruel to force an animal from one crate into another. You don’t know which ones are house-broke. It’s painful for the animals if they’re housebroken.”

Bowden says this claim is false to a degree–saying it was not logistically possible to take every dog out for fresh air every day.

As for the future of the Corrine T. Smith animal center, the shelter is in the process of hiring a new director.

Dixon says these animals will not be euthanized.

The board president will oversee operations temporarily until a new director is hired.

The animal shelter is partially subsidized by the city of Brownwood and Brown County, but the shelter runs independently.

The city is aware of the complaint with the police department and is keeping in contact with the shelter.