Brownwood super fan Titus is Ford Impact Player of the Week


Across sports, there’s always that special fan, that superfan that helps leads the team to victory, gives them the motivation as well. You have Matthew McConaughey of the University of Texas down the road and Sister Jean of Loyola, Chicago. Here in Brownwood, there is that superfan. Come and meet Titus.”

Titus said, “Good job number 7. Go, go, go, go.”

Khyren Deal said, “Titus is always energetic. When you get mad at yourself on a play, you go to the sideline, he says hey it’s okay. He always tries to pick you up when you’re down.”

Baker said, “What’s going on man?”

Titus said, “Hey.”

Baker said, “I’m here with Titus and Titus you of course are the Brownwood Lions biggest fan. What do you love so much about the Brownwood Lions?”

Titus said, “I love the Brownwood Lions. Hard work, being strong. When Coach Burnett’s happy, I am happy.”

Baker said, “Coach, you’ve been blessed with having Titus around. What is it like having Titus around here?”

Brownwood Head Coach Sammy Burnett said, “Titus is amazing, understands the quality of life and the value of life. He’s always in a good mood. He’s special in the fact that he has down syndrome but I don’t know that there is anybody around that lives life more fully than he does.”

Blaize Espinoza said, “Practice, running, lifts, he’s there just getting the team going.”

Titus said, “My team always, always wins.”

Baker said, “What does it mean to you when the players and other athletes around you come up to you and recognize you as the Lions superfan?”

Titus said, “The team is my family.”

Espinoza said, “If you haven’t heard about him, just go to a game on Friday and you’ll see him. He’s just the happiest kid in the world just to be watching Brownwood Lion Football.”

Titus said, “Wylie will lose, my team always, always wins.”

Baker said, “His team is always going to win, I love that. Titus, it’s been a pleasure my man. Thank you for having me come to your hometown. You are the face of the Brownwood Lions football team.”

Titus said, “Thank you.”

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