BUFFALO GAP, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – For the second year in a row, drivers of the Buffalo Run Adventure Challenge departed from Buffalo Gap Thursday. This year, on a 1,500-mile trip to Four Corners and back through Roswell, New Mexico- all in 24 hours flat. Completing a list of challenges along the way, the 2022 race grew from 17 to nearly 40 teams.

“We have nearly doubled in size and doubled in popularity,” Buffalo Run Founder and racer Cody Cox said.

Each team’s car must cost no more than $500 with no more than $500 in repairs and upgrades – excluding matters of safety, all road laws must be followed at all times, and teams must prove completion of the following challenges to be counted at the finish line:

Proof of cleaned bathroom
  • Recreate the “TikTok Jiggle Jiggle dance video”
  • Perform funeral and burial for roadkill; team must sing a song or hymn of their choosing to honor the departed
  • Take a photo reenacting the “Cowboy Ruckus” art installation at its roadside location
  • Tag (Spray paint) one of the Cadillacs at the famous Cadillac Ranch, and post a picture
  • Take a picture with an alien in Roswell
  • Take a picture at the 6666 Ranch Supply House
  • Take a picture at the Midpoint of Route 66 in Adrian, Texas
  • Community Beautification Project: Clean a public Restroom, must video before and after
  • Collect a donation for Camp Able from out-of-state
  • Lastly, take a video/photo at the Four Corners National Monument, in which all members of the team are touching all four states simultaneously

“We’ve got a lot of legitimate businesses that are putting their faith in a lot of illegitimate people,” Cox vouched.

While the challenges and rivalries are fun to follow, fundraising for Camp Able is the real reason for the race. Last year’s competition brought in more than, $100,000 plus additional prize money the winning team, the “Heck Yeah Boys,” donated to the Camp.

2022 team member at roadkill funeral

“We can’t think of a better cause to support,” Cox spoke of Camp Able. “Like I said, they’re putting that money to work right here in our local community.”

Newcomer team, “B2 90s” took that mission a step further Thursday by pledging to make an additional hour-and-a-half drive past Four Corners to Monument Valley- to recreate the now famous running scene from Forrest Gump (1994).

“I don’t think my team is very happy with me about it but at this point, I think it’s happening if the car holds out,” team captain Sarah Nixon said.

Still, others had a long drive just to get to the starting line. Jim Powers and his grandson, Carter brought their jalopy in from Quinter, Kansas- ready to ride with team “Popcorn Enforcers.” This team’s car was sponsored by Abilene business, Texas Family Popcorn.

“Probably [what’s] the most challenging for me, is that jingle jingle dance,” Powers revealed.

All teams will be posting their progress and live streaming on the Buffalo Run Adventure Challenge Facebook page. A group which, Cox said, has grown to international fame since last year.

“We started this deal out, just a couple of buddies, and thought we’d raise maybe $10,000. Now we’ve got viewers all over,” Cox explained. “The furthest one away I saw was London, England, and we had one from Spokane, Washington… One came in from Alaska. So, we’ve got people coast to coast.”