BUFFALO GAP, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – More than 20 teams departed from the starting line on Houston street in Buffalo Gap around 6 p.m. Thursday, bound for a fundraising round trip to the Grand Canyon with the first returning team receiving the Piston Cup trophy.

While the trash talk and car modifications are fun to watch, the real reason for the event is the Equine therapy and animal sanctuary, Camp Able. All proceeds raised will be donated so that they can construct an outdoor covered arena, enabling them to continue therapy and riding all year.

“Not only are they showing up in person, but they’re showing up with these envelopes (of donations), so safe to say I’ll be doing some counting tonight,” said Camp Able Volunteer Executive Director Lota Zoth.

What began as a conversation between friends became a talking point for the whole town.

“I know we’ve had some people break down on the way in, so they may be a little late getting on the road, but it’s a great turnout,” says event organizer and driver of the ‘Van Haulin’ car, Cody Cox.

“The official population of Buffalo Gap is 463 and I can guarantee you there are at least 463 people on the streets here tonight to wish these guys off,” said Zoth.

The weekend’s events will be chronicled by the teams on the Buffalo Run Adventure Challenge Facebook Page.

While the first team back receives the custom-made piston trophy, four other teams will receive a “top earners” belt buckle.

Aside from just making it there and back, each team must follow these guidelines:

  • Take a picture/post video with your full team AND your vehicle on the famous corner in Winslow, Arizona.
  • Shoot aerial fireworks with a stranger. Video of course. (A few Roman candles available day of the race for a small donation).
  • Video riding a stick horse in Gallup, New Mexico.
  • Perform a full funeral and burial of a road-killed critter…with photos and/or video.
  • Collect a donation to Camp Able from someone in another state.
  • Turn in 5 Allsup’s Burrito or Chimichanga wrappers at finish line.
  • Take a picture at the TeePees at Wigwam Motel.
  • Take a picture at Billy the Kid’s grave.
  • Take a photo/post video of your team at the South Rim Visitor’s Center turnaround point.
  • A bonus challenge, submitted one per team, shall be drawn out of the hat at the start line.

Each car at entry must cost no more than $500, and no more than $500 can be spent on upgrades, except in the case of emergency and safety modifications.