ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Abilene city council members have rejected a recommended bid for the Cedar Creek Trail project, saying this company would cost an extra $11,000 a day.

A project committee recommended that council award the bid to company Bontke Brothers Construction, even though they were not the lowest bidder.

Each member of the committee, which consisted of 7 individuals appointed by Mayor Williams and approved by City Council, completed a survey independent of each other and all chose Bontke Brothers, largely because they could get the project done 30 days sooner.

During Thursday’s city council meeting, the council members pointed out that this bid costs 13% more, which means that it will cost $11,000 a day to finish a month sooner.

Because of the cost, council rejected the bid and now the bidding process will have to begin again.

The Cedar Creek Trail project, which will cost more than $2.3 million, is funded in part by the 2015 bond election, with leftover funds of just over $800,000, and the rest of the money is coming from the City’s Minor Improvement Fund.

This specific part of the project is seeking to install a paved sidewalk along Cedar Creek Waterway from ES 11th Street to near EN 10th Street.