City Fights Plumbing Problem with Grease Disposal Education


Abilene, Texas (KRBC)-Cooking or using the restroom, you may not be pondering on Abilene plumbing.

“Basically what people don’t realize is that every drain in your house all goes to the same sewer. So if it was going down the sink or going down the toilet, it all goes to the same place,” said FOG manager Kelley Waller.

Specifically fats, oils, grease, and debris all go to the same pipes and sometimes get stuck there.

“What we’re trying to do is spread the word not to put grease into your pipes. Once it gets in there, it’s very difficult to remove it and it builds up and clogs up the pipes,” said Waller.

In just 2017, the city has seen a number of plumbing issues.

“We’ve had 20 over flows and 16 of them have been related to grease,” said Waller.

And grease isn’t the only problem. So called flusahble wipes are also getting stuck in pipes.

“Those are turning out to not dissolve in the sewer system like they are supposed to and they’re giving the grease something to cling to,” said Waller.

The solution for disposing wipes is simple:

“Dispose of them in the trash can like you would a regular baby wipe,” said Waller.

If you are cooking with or for your loved ones, make sure you dispose of your grease properly.

“Cool it, can it, trash it. So basically what you’re doing is let the grease cool off after you’re done cooking and pour it into some sort of disposable container. We recommend empty glass or a empty jar or can you may have around,” said Waller.

Once the grease solidifies, simply throw the container in the trash.

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