ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The City of Abilene is now accepting bids for phase one of the Cedar Creek Waterway Trail.

In 2015, Abilene voters approved a bond measure for phase one of the Cedar Creek Waterway Trail. This phase is focused on the portion of the creek that runs from South 11th to North 10th. Abilene Mayor Anthony Williams says with railroad right of way taken care of, they’re now able to accept bids for the project.

“Starting at South 11th all the way to North 10th, we’re looking at kind of a concrete walk/jog way,” Williams says.

The bidding process began March 30 and will close on April 28 at 2 p.m.

Though future plans would bring recreational attractions and public utility services to the trail, this bid is only for the paving of this particular section.

“There’s been some excitement and I think enthusiasm associated with the project. I think the ability to see dirt being moved, concrete being poured will elevate that excitement,” says Williams.

The mayor says he hopes this project will make the area more accessible and bring even more Abilenians out into nature, though the trail is enjoyed by many already.

“She likes to get down near the water and play with rocks and look for frogs and rolly polys,” April Hampton says about her trips to the waterway with her daughter.

Hampton says she and her family try to make several trips a week to the waterway, getting a healthy dose of outdoors.

“Playgrounds are wonderful with all the play equipment, but this is nature, this is wonderful, this is what children need,” she says.

And while she is in favor of the development soon to come to the area, Hampton says she hopes it won’t disturb the natural flow too much.

“I think if that’s what it takes to get more people out here and get people out in the fresh air, that’s wonderful,” says Hampton.

That’s the goal for the city, and Mayor Williams agrees it will be good to see some progress on this long-awaited promise.

“It does feel good to be at a time where we can actually have a chance to honor the will of this community and complete this project,” says Williams.