City of Abilene says new smart meters providing accurate reads


ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – You may have noticed a change in your water bill, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been using more water. 

“It is a large project, replacing all the water meters in Abilene,” said Rodney Taylor, the director of water and utility.

The new smart water meters are collecting a more accurate read, which would explain a higher bill, even if your water patterns have stayed the same.  

“The progress has been good on this project,” says Taylor. “We have six districts that are in essence 100 percent complete and then we have 13 that are in the 97-99 percent complete.” 

They used a map of Abilene split into 33 districts to show the progress, with different colors that represent how much is completed in that area. 

The green areas are 100% complete; the teal color are districts that are around 98 to 97% completed, the light blue areas are districts below 90% complete and the navy colors are areas that have not been started yet. 

They do have one trial district that is having readings from the meters sent straight to billing. 

“The bills in that district are representing data from our smart water meters,” said Taylor. 

By January, Taylor hopes that the districts in the green section will be billed through the new system. 

Councilman Weldon Hurt, who requested the update, was happy with the results. 

“There’s going to be snafus, we know that, but I think that we’re on track. It’s looking good to me,” said Hurt. “I think this is going to be a great thing for citizens.”  

Click here to see the map and presentation.  

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