ABILENE, Texas (KRBC)– “In the summer that’s when we notice a lot of people just come in and dump all kinds of stuff.” Said Rachel Castro, who has lived off of Barrow street for more than 20 years.

Castro says that the alley ways around her area have started to collect more couches, mattresses, and furniture over the past years.

“It is so trashy, and it has gotten very bad.” Added Castro.

But, she is not the only one who has noticed. The City of Abilene Solid Waste Services have also seen an increase in bulk items left particularly in the alley ways around town.

“You could furnish a house with all the stuff left.” Explained Randy Bailey, the Division Manager.

Bailey told KRBC that the reason they haven’t had more time to do a bulk pick-up in the alleys is due to the increase in curbside population.

“It puts us less time in the alleys because were having to chase all the new additions on curbs.” Said Bailey.

The City of Abilene noticed how it was unfair for those who have alleys, so they decided to revamp their bulk pick-up schedules to better accommodate the neighborhoods with alley ways.

“The folks on the curbs who used to get picked up twelve times a year, once every month, they’re going to get the service six times which hopefully it will put us in the alleys another three or four times a year, the way it used to be.” Added Bailey.

But, another issue he has seen is brush, tree limbs, and other items being throw in the trash cans.

“People put anything and everything in those trash cans and the cans are for household trash only. We have a brush center where you can take all your tree limbs so put it out there not in the alleys, please.”

Bailey also informed KRBC that if the public has any questions with bulk pick-up items or Solid Waste Services in general, to call their office so they can get it taken care of.

“We do our best to try to accommodate everyone but if anyone has a problem or needs extra pick-up, let us know.”