ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The City of Abilene said it is now operating under a new water conservation plan. It was announced in Thursday’s city council meeting that ‘stage one’ water restrictions are scheduled to be on hold until August of 2023.

Under its previous plan, stage one was set to begin by December 2022 – meaning Abilene residents were to be advised to do their outdoor watering just once a week.

In city council’s latest plan, we can hold off on the water restrictions for about another year. The council explained that water restriction was based on both Lake Fort Phantom and Hubbard Creek Reservoir, in lieu of Lake Fort Phantom alone.

Under the new plan, the city said it would calculate the capacity of both bodies of water. Once 40% capacity is reached, stage one will be triggered. 30% capacity will trigger stage two.

Stage two will advise Abilene residents to water only one day in a two-week period.

At 20% capacity, we enter stage three water restrictions – meaning an advisory of no outdoor watering at all.

Abilene City Council also announced triggers on when the city may need to turn to Possum Kingdom Lake, based upon the levels of Hubbard Creek Reservoir and O.H. Ivie Lake.