City of Clyde adds ADA approved swings to public park


CLYDE, Texas (KTAB) – The City of Clyde is working on plans to make its public park even more inclusive. City officials added the first piece of the puzzle-two ADA approved swings but there is still more to come.

For many kids, the park is a place to let loose and have a little fun but not for everyone. Cannon Breeding was born with Spina Bifida which landed him in this wheelchair, and for him parks aren’t always inclusive.

“He enjoys watching other kids play but he wants to be able to get up there and do everything with them too,” Cannon’s mother Allison Breeding said.

“It’s just because somebody didn’t think about creating a situation where this child could be a part of it,” Clyde City Mayor Rodger Brown said.

It’s something many probably wouldn’t think about unless you have a disability or have a child with a disability.

“I’m so sorry because we just didn’t think about it,” Mayor Brown said.

Once the City of Clyde saw the need, they jumped in to fix it. The first step is adding two ada approved swings.

“This is one of the results of a citizen saying ‘hey what can we do about this? How can we get this?'” Mayor Brown said.

The work doesn’t stop there. Cannon still has trouble maneuvering around the park because of the mulch.

“We’re trying to teach him to be independent. He’s almost 11 years old and there’s a lot we’re trying to get him to do by himself. It ends up that we are the ones pushing him around,” Allison said.

The playground equipment isn’t always the easiest either.

“There’s not a whole lot he can do once he gets out here. We have to pick him up and either put him on the equipment and so its just a lot of work,” Allison said.

City officials are working on plans to add on to the park.

“To create an area to connect to this park that will have a different flooring and we will add a section to this that will have a wheelchair accessible swing actually where you can roll the wheelchair all the way into the swing. We also have seen some that are almost like a teeter totter type thing,” Mayor Brown said.

All this will allow kids like Cannon to have just as much fun as his peers.

The current swings cost about $800 and the full project will have to go in front of the Clyde City Council for approval They are still working on the complete plans for the park.

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