This is the Clyde Float Fest that drew a lot of people in this summer afternoon to enjoy the cool water, spend time with family, and get some good food all for a good cause. 

“Just something new to bring to the community, something different that we didn’t have before,” event organizer Sylvester Roberts said.

“I think it’s awesome, I think they need to do it again, this is a pretty good turnout for their first event,” Float Fest attendee Mandy Janssen said.

Benefiting the non-profit organization W-H-O in Clyde that does a lot for the community and it’s members from building access ramps in houses to trimming trees for those who aren’t able or can’t afford it.

“Everything goes back into the community, that’s what families are here for, we want to support the community, the community is what keeps everybody going and together,” Janssen said.

But the people in the community are not letting the rising cases of COVID-19 ruin their summer, instead, they prefer to have fun, enjoy and cool off.

“I’m not gonna let it faze anything, we don’t care,” members from the Welch and Douglas family said.

“We are just here to have a good time, for people to get out of their house and come support and have a good time at the lake,” Roberts said.

And families did have a good time, but most importantly, they wanted to get back some of the good summertime they couldn’t have last year.

“Because so many people have been held back from their family life, that’s why we are all out here now, we are enjoying today that Clyde put out this float fest for everybody to get back out there and show everybody, stop being scared of things,” Janssen said.