CLYDE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Student-athletes in Clyde were some of the first to step out onto the turf fields of the new Hanner Sports Complex. It boasts six tournament-grade baseball/softball fields, four tennis courts, four pickleball courts, a splash pad, a temperature-controlled press box, and an onsite kitchen for the concession stand. Mayor Rodger Brown said the opening of this complex is a banner day for Clyde residents.

“It’s amazing to see this go from a vacant field with just brush and mesquite trees to the 15 million dollar complex you see behind us… This is the culmination of all of those years of hard work and dedication… For me personally, this is a 17-year project, like this is the whole reason I ran for city council,” Brown expressed.

Clyde’s varsity baseball and softball teams got to storm the fields Friday, putting the bases and dugouts to the test. They shared that they can’t wait to play countless games there in the coming seasons.

“This is definitely nicer than a lot of the places that we play on… Knowing that this is like our own and we get to play on this all the time. It feels good… Instead of going to tournaments, now we can have our own and just be right here in our backyard,” said Clyde Senior Kailen Cooley.

Those tournaments are also the key to financial stability for the complex. Mayor Brown said not a dime of taxpayer money was spent on construction. The city has issued certificates of obligation to several local sponsors, which will be paid off with tournament revenue from use, entry, and concessions. Given the quality and scale of the complex, Brown said he feels they will have no problem attracting tournaments.

“We can host tournaments from all over the state… From the metroplex all the way out to the Permian Basin, this is the nicest facility that you’re gonna find,” Mayor Brown said.

Some citizens have raised concerns over the state of upkeep for such a complex. That task will be handled by the newly established Clyde Parks and Recreation Department. Department Director Chris Chorn said that the maintenance of this complex and other Clyde parks now falls under their supervision. The department was established in July of this year, and Chorn said his staff is more than up to the task.

The city is inviting all residents to attend a second opening day from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 30. No events will be held, but it’s a chance for the public to get a look at the new amenities that will be available upon opening.