CLYDE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The final push to reach 370 signatures on a petition in Clyde is underway. If the goal is reached, allowing liquor sales inside city limits would appear before voters this coming November. If then approved by voters, Clyde’s mayor advised that the sale could be the key to securing big franchises for the I-20 adjacent community.

“This isn’t a yes or no on liquor sales. This is just a petition to allow us to get it onto the November ballot so our citizens can make that decisions,” said Clyde Mayor Rodger Brown.

There are special criteria for those wishing to sign this petition. Signers must be a registered voter, live in Clyde city limits, and have previously voted in the 2018 Gubernatorial Election. Mayor Brown said even those who fit within the criteria, but cannot recall voting in the 2018 election, are still encouraged to vote – results will be checked by county officials.

You can find the petition at Thirsty’s Barn, Stalling Time and City Hall in Clyde.

The sale of beer and wine was just approved by Clyde voters back in 2010, but hard liquor was left out of that amendment. 12 years later with substantial growth in both Abilene and Clyde, city staff are working to build revenue streams and attractions for residents and tourists alike as an estimated 40,000 cars pass through Clyde everyday on I-20.

“When we meet with restaurants like Chilis, Applebees, Buffalo Wild Wings,” Mayor Brown listed, “these kind of companies business models require them to have mixed drink sales available.”

From preliminary conversations, it appears mixed drinks sales could be the last box to be checked for the so-called “bedroom community” to secure those large hotel and restaurant chains.

Within the last year, a new travel center opened in Clyde and an apartment complex – all writings on the wall that more growth is yet to come.

Mayor Brown told KTAB/KRBC that the city is not only looking to capitalize on that growth, but also win back sales tax which is being lost to neighboring towns that do sell liquor.

“They’ll go to Abilene to purchase it, they’ll go to Baird to purchase it,” said Mayor Brown. “Why not keep that Clyde money in Clyde?”

The city and school boards also approved the construction of a $14 million dollar sports complex in Clyde – poised to become a destination for large-scale tournaments. With the addition of the complex, Mayor Brown advised that the city needs to build the foundation for the hotels and restaurants for those sports guests now, in order to keep those dollars in the local economy.

“Council knows this is something that needs to happen,” Mayor Brown added. “We’ll be continuing all week to keep knocking doors.”

370 signatures are due by the close of business Friday, June 17.