COMANCHE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A calf was rescued from a well by the Comanche Volunteer Fire Department. On February 17, Comanche VFD responded to a calf stuck in an old well after holding a meeting to discuss the situation.

At the ranch, firefighters first attempted to retrieve the calf by using a 32-foot ladder, but it was not long enough according to the fire department’s Facebook post. Looking from above, they deemed that the calf was uninjured from the fall.

Courtesy of FF Cindy Thomas

They lowered a firefighter using a winch, cable and a pulley system. Once the firefighter was in the well, crews lowered a commodity bag that was used as a harness. Once the 400-pound calf was secured, crews hoisted him up and reunited him with his mom.

The cable was lowered once more to retrieve the firefighter. Comanche VFD wrote that all things considered, from using various rappelling equipment to harnesses, it was a successful rescue.

The writer of the Facebook post congratulated the crew members on the successful rescue and Firefighter Martijn Verschueren for going into the well.