BRECKENRIDGE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – 54-year-old Bonnie Ann Lucas was reported missing Sunday, following a trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In speaking with Bonnie’s family, the wife, mother and daughter is severely missed and worried for by all.

Bonnie Lucas and her husband Brent

Her mother, Connie Flores, said she didn’t know about her daughter’s disappearance until she received a call from her son-in-law, Brent Lucas- a community-known coach of multiple sports in Breckenridge.

“Her husband called one of my daughters and told her he was thinking he was coming for a visit,” Flores spoke of her daughter’s disappearance.

Brent Lucas, unable to get in touch with his wife, said he called her family to see if she had possibly made an impromptu trip home. After filing a missing persons report with the Stephens County Sheriff’s Office, an OKC investigation turned up a lead.

“Somebody gave her a ride to Oklahoma City and close to the Econo-Lodge, they drop her off,” said Flores.

Lucas with her mother and father

An employee of the Econo-Lodge Motel, in the 8200 block of West I-40 Service Road in Oklahoma City, confirmed with authorities that Bonnie had been dropped off at the motel, checked in, stayed the night and left the next morning.

The investigation, so far, found that her car was left somewhere outside OKC, on the side of the road. Authorities say it could possibly be broken down and Bonnie could have left her phone inside the vehicle.

“It’s a very desperate situation,” Flores said. “Sometimes you want to go look for her.”

Flores said she’s calling on anyone and everyone to simply keep an eye out for her beloved daughter.

“Anybody that lives in Oklahoma City, please look out for her. She’s in need,” Flores pleaded. “Call the Police. The Police know about her.”