ABILENE Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – After 118 days of battling COVID-19, three months of which were spent in a coma, Daryl Fields felt he had some time to make up.

“They intubated me July 15th and I woke up in mid October. Life passed me by. I lost a quarter of the year last year,” Fields said.

He was admitted to Encompass Health in Abilene on November 1, 2021. During that time, he had one thing on his mind to keep him on his path towards recovery.

Daryl and daughter, Lindsey Fields, 2019

“I’ve come a long way. Baby steps all the way but we made it,” Field marveled. “I can stand, walk and even dance with my daughter.”

The father daughter dance has become tradition in the Fields’ family. He attended the dance for his older daughter, Lindsey, in 2019 and now it’s his turn to dance with his youngest, Lacey.

“I had this day to look forward to- this was my goal,” Fields said with accomplishment.

Lacey explained how difficult it was to watch her father go through so much pain; to see him go from bedridden and barely able to talk, to dancing alongside her. She calls it an indescribable experience.

“Inspirational, honestly its… Man I’m lost for words. I’m speechless. Being able to see him progress the way he has,” Lacey pushed through.

Daryl and Lacey Fields rehearsing, Jan. 2022

Through his sickness, coma, and recovery, Daryl lost more than 100 pounds and had to have a stoma placed in his neck to assist with breathing. Though he still has a bit of recovery to go through, Daryl said this dance makes the long road worth it.

“I do get tired. I get winded, but you know,” Fields pondered. “Days like today you just… You find the energy.”

A night and a dance, Daryl says was never promised, and even seemed impossible at times:

“It can all be gone in an instant. Even through my hospital stays, you could always hear over the loud speaker, ‘code blue, code blue.’ You just realize that somebody just passed. their life was- it was over,” Fields looked back.

That fear became a daily reality for the Fields’ family. Now, Daryl and his daughter, Lacey, will get to dance the night away at the father-daughter dance Saturday in San Marcos, Texas.