Editor’s Note: The following arrest and incident reports were supplied by the Abilene Police Department. All information below comes reports made by responding officers, and all suspects are considered not guilty unless determined otherwise in a court of law.


1900 block of South 15th Street – Family Violence Assault
A woman reported that her husband assaulted her at their home together. The victim did not have visible injuries. She is pressing charges.

3000 block of South 14th Street – Theft of Property
A South Abilene business called police in reference to a theft. The victim said a suspect entered the business and stole $500 worth of computer equipment. The victim is pursuing charges.

3100 block of South 27th Street – Burglary of Building
Another South Abilene business reported a burglary. $800 in cash was reported stolen.

1900 block of Pine Street – Theft of Property
A 25-year-old woman was cited for the theft of drugs at a North Abilene medical facility. The drugs reported stolen were sedatives – valued at a total of $55.

4500 block of South 1st Street – Harassment
A victim reported that her ex-brother-in-law was sending her messages and harassing her. She also told police that she was being sent sexually explicit material and wants to press charges for harassment.

4500 block of South 1st Street – Unauthorized use of a Vehicle
A victim reported that he allowed a known suspect to use his vehicle for one day, but has not returned said vehicle. He is pressing charges.

4500 block of South 1st Street – Credit or Debit Card Abuse
A victim reported that an unauthorized transaction of $20 was withdrawn from her bank account. She is pursuing charges.

2700 block of South 1st Street – Theft of Property
A South Abilene business reported the theft of $150 in cash. The victim is pressing charges.

1000 block of Justice Way – Family Violence Assault
An 18-year-old man reported that his father’s girlfriend became angry and scratched him with her right hand, around his belt line. An APD officer reported seeing visible scratches on the teen. The 18-year-old lives with his father and his father’s girlfriend in a South Abilene apartment. The woman was arrested.

3200 block of South 14th Street – Robbery
Police responded to a South Abilene business for a robbery by an unknown person.

4400 block of Buffalo Gap Road – Theft of Property
A male suspect was reported to have stolen $100 worth of miscellaneous goods from a South Abilene grocery store.

4100 block of Potomac Avenue – Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Family Violence
A victim reported that her sister threatened to cut her with a knife. She felt the threat was credible and feared for her life. She is pressing charges.

4800 block of Mourning Dove Lane – Burglary of Vehicle
An Abilene man reported that an unknown suspect accessed his vehicle without permission and stole his firearm. The victim is pursuing charges. A Glock pistol was reported stolen, valued at $380.

1300 block of Andy Street – Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse
A victim is pursing charges for debit/credit card abuse.


Raul Juarez – Violation of Bond/ Protective Order
Police responded to a call of a burglary in progress in the 2500 block of Grape Street. Upon arrival, the a victim said Juarez attempted to crawl through her bedroom window. Police spoke with Juarez, who admitted to having recently been released from jail and was out on bond. A search of Juarez yielded results confirming that he was violating his bond by being within 1,000 feet of the victim’s residence. He was arrested in April for Family Violence Assault.

Dustin Felfe – Disorderly Conduct
APD responded to a disturbance call at the Greyhound bus station, where officers made contact with Felfe for the second time for disturbing the public. Felfe was reportedly banging on the windows of a convenience store, yelling and cursing at customers.

Trey Whitehead – Public Intoxication
Whitehead was contacted in the 3400 block of Russell Avenue for Criminal Trespass. He was in the backyard of a home where he does not live. Whitehead told police he was there because he thought he had hurt someone who lived there – but the resident of the home could not confirm that the two knew each other. Police said Whitehead was walking in the roadway of a public street when they got to him, and said his eyes were dilated – claiming to be God. Police said Whitehead admitted to being high on meth.

Vincent Griffin – Warrant
Griffin was contacted in the 1100 block of Ross Avenue, where police confirmed he had a warrant for his arrest.

Robert Haynes – Fugitive, False Info
A traffic stop was conducted in the 1500 block of Merchant Street for driving with expired license plates. Haynes reportedly told police his name was Carey Edward Parker. He eventually provided his actual name and date of birth, and police discovered Haynes had an active warrant out of Idaho.

Ronnie Eason Brackett – Public Intoxication
Police was called out to the 1900 block of Ambler Avenue to inspect reports of a man yelling in a public roadway. There, police contacted Eason Brackett, who they reported to be moving lethargically and had difficulty answering simple questions. Police determined Eason Brackett to be displaying signs of intoxication, and found him to be a danger to himself and others.

Amber Harvey – Family Violence Assault
An 18-year-old reported that his father’s girlfriend, who he lived with alongside his father, scratched him. Police reported there were three deep scratches around his waistline. The teenager told police she scratched him because she wanted him to get out of the bathroom. The suspect, Harvey, reportedly denied the assault but was not making sense while being questioned by police. The victim is not pressing charges, but was fearful of the woman.

Isaiah Carrillo – Warrant
Police contacted Carrillo during a traffic stop at the intersection of Ambler Avenue and Mimosa Drive. The arresting officer confirmed that Carrillo had an active arrest warrant.

Lisa Fulton – Warrant, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Fulton was contacted at the Chic-Fil-A restaurant on Highway 351. It is unclear why she was contacted. Police confirmed Fulton had a warrant for her arrest. During a routine search, a small pipe with residue was found inside Fulton’s backpack.

Robert Alcantar – Sexual Assault
1900 block of Grand Avenue. No further information.

Steven Ralston – Driving While Intoxicated, Possession of a Controlled Substance
Ralston was contacted for parking on the wrong side of the road, in the 5300 block of Pueblo Drive. Upon contact, police noted detecting odors of alcohol and marijuana. A search yielded near three grams of what police described as an “off-white cookie substance.” The so-called cookie tested positive for cocaine, and Ralston was arrested.