Editor’s Note: The following arrest and incident reports were supplied by the Abilene Police Department. All information below comes reports made by responding officers, and all suspects are considered not guilty unless determined otherwise in a court of law.


3000 block of Vogel Avenue – Burglary of Building
A 46-year-old man was arrested for breaking into a storage facility in North Abilene.

1100 block of Harmony Drive – Criminal Mischief
A 33-year-old man reported that an unknown suspect damaged his vehicle. The victim is pressing charges.

600 block of North Jefferson Drive – Theft of Firearm
Police responded to a report of the burglary of a vehicle in South Abilene. The incident report said an unknown subject entered an unlocked vehicle in North Abilene and stole a Smith & Wesson firearm valued at $250. There are no known suspects and the investigation is ongoing.

4700 block of South 14th Street – Theft of Property
A department store reported that more than $350 worth of clothing was stolen. The store is pressing charges.

4500 block of South 1st Street – Identity Theft
A victim reported that his identification was used to open a credit card without his permission.

2300 block of South 34th Street – Publishing Intimate Visual Material
A victim reported that her ex-partner posted intimate material on her Facebook page. She is pressing charges.

1900 block of Pine Street – Criminal Trespass
Hendrick Medical Center reported to APD that a 45-year-old man was refusing to leave the property. The man continued to refuse to leave after being asked by police. He was arrested and the victim is pressing charges.

3200 block of North 3rd Street – Terroristic Threat
A 40-year-old man reported that an unknown 45-year-old man threatened to stab him while arguing about the suspect criminally trespassing on the victim’s property. The suspect was later identified by police. The victim is pressing charges.


Augustine Villalovas – Burglary of Building
Police responded to a burglary report at Mockingbird Storage, which had the suspect on camera. Villalovas matched the suspect’s description and police said he admitted to entering the property through a cut in the fence, and took several items. The items were returned to their owners.

Shanna Murray – Warrant, Evading Arrest Detention, Providing False Info
APD responded to a report of a criminal trespass situation in progress, in the 2400 block of North 3rd Street. There, a witness said he saw multiple people pry up a screen and enter the home through a window. Murray told police she knew the residents at this home, and provided a name the officer thought to be fake: Cheri Blossom. As an officer was checking other IDs, Murray ran off. She was caught a short distance away and placed under arrest, then said her government name was in fact Shanna Murray, and Cheri Blossom was a nickname. Murray was found to have an outstanding warrant for probation violation and intentionally gave a false name as a fugitive, also attempting to evade arrest.

Shannon Wilson – Warrant
Wilson turned herself in at the Abilene Police Department for her probation violation warrant.

Russell Barlow – Public Intoxication
Barlow was released from Hendrick Medical Center after refusing care. The medical center’s staff called security, claiming Barlow was running in traffic and he was detained in handcuffs for his safety. When police arrived, they suspected him of using narcotics – stating he was delusional, paranoid and had dilated pupils. Barlow admitted to using meth the night before, according to the arrest report. He was determined to be a danger to himself and others, and he was arrested. During his arrest, police said Barlow attempted to run in front of a car.

Brian Sutton – Warrant
Sutton was contacted in the 1500 block of Burger Street for an outstanding warrant, and he was arrested without incident. Sutton has been arrested at least 20 times since 2004.

Edward Falkinburg – Warrant
Falkinburg was contacted near North 18th and Lillius Streets for multiple warrants on Possession of Meth.

Oscar Herrera – Criminal Trespass
Police were dispatched to the Family Dollar in the 100 block of South Pioneer Drive, in reference to a Criminal Trespass. The responding officer found Herrera inside the store and discovered he was warned about entering the business about a month earlier. The store’s manager said she wants to press charges.

Cortney Hurley – Theft of Property with Prior Conviction
Hurley was detained by Market Street Loss Prevention, after stealing almost $20 worth of hygiene products. Hurley, according to the report, said she stole the products because she didn’t have any money on her at the time. Due to having a previous theft conviction, she now has a Class B Misdemeanor. Market Street is pressing charges.

Corey Hunter – Criminal Trespass
Police were dispatched to Hendrick Medical Center on Pine Street when Hunter refused to leave. Police said Hunter still refused when they asked. Hendrick Medical Center is not pressing charges.

Marcus Parades – Warrant
Parades was contacted at Barrow and South 16th Streets during an unlisted call for service. He initially gave police a false name, but was positively identified later on through dispatch.

Samantha Zoeller – Warrant, Possession of Dangerous Drug
Police said Zoeller was known to have a warrant for her arrest. She was located at South 12th and Sycamore Streets, and was placed under arrest. While being searched, the arresting officer found three prescription pill bottles issued to different people, along with a credit card not belonging to Zoeller.

Michael Garza – Public Intoxication
Garza was contacted on Poverty Point Circle after reportedly hitting his younger brother and leaving his parents’ house. Police said he was intoxicated and attempting to operate a vehicle.

Donnell McDavid – Warrant
Police said McDavid was located in his front lawn in the 400 block of Cockerell Drive, known to have a warrant out for his arrest.

Simon Secundino – Warrant, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
A patrol officer pulled Secundino over for speeding in the 2000 block of Highway 83/84. He was listed to be driving 63 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone. The officer reported that they could smell marijuana as they approached Secundino’s vehicle. A search yielded a marijuana joint weighing 1.2 grams with a tobacco wrap. He was cited with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia due to the tobacco wrap. A record check showed Secundino to have multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest – including Unlawful Restraint and Evading Arrest with a Vehicle.

Wendy Salas – Warrant, Possession of a Controlled Substance
Salas was pulled over in the 2300 block of Ambler Avenue. She was found to have a warrant for her arrest. During a search, the arresting officer found a small baggie of meth in her bra.

Jose Garcia – Driving while Intoxicated
Garcia was pulled over for driving 57 miles per hour in a 40 mph zone, in the 4100 block of Buffalo Gap Road. The arresting officer said Garcia displayed bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and an odor of alcohol from the vehicle. Garcia reportedly performed poorly during a sobriety test. He was arrested for DWI.

Devlin Hyland – Warrant, Resisting Arrest Search of Transport, Providing False Info
Police found Hyland after 4:00 a.m. on South 7th and Amarillo Streets, and asked his name. He reportedly gave the false name of Andrew Perry. Hyland then attempted to run from police. He resisted arrest and detainment and was eventually handcuffed. Hyland eventually gave his real name.

Andrew Womack – Resisting Arrest, Criminal Mischief, Public Intoxication, Assault of Peace Officer, Evading Arrest with Previous Conviction
APD was dispatched to the 4600 block of Coachlight Road where they found Womack in a field. The victim and a witness reported seeing Womack damage the victim’s vehicle outside her home. Police said Womack became aggressive when he was asked to show his hands, and allegedly told police he wouldn’t follow instructions, telling them they’d have to shoot him. As officers prepared to put Womack in handcuffs, he jumped over a fence to run away.
According to the report, police determined non lethal deterrents would not work due to his clothing, and an officer tackled Womack. He actively fought officers as they struggled to get him in handcuffs. He also kicked officers while walking to a patrol vehicle. An officer sustained minor injury.
The victim, the vehicle owner, said they would not press charges.
Officers said they could smell alcohol on Womack. He was charged with two counts of Felony Assault on a Peace Officer for intentionally, knowingly or recklessly causing bodily injury to another person while the person was on official duty as a peace officer. He also received the additional charges listed above, next to his name.
During a criminal history search, Womack showed to have a previous felony evading conviction from 2003, and a 2016 felony assault of a public servant.