Editor’s Note: The following arrest and incident reports were supplied by the Abilene Police Department. All information below comes from reports made by responding officers, and all suspects are considered not guilty unless determined otherwise in a court of law.


3700 block of Ridgemont Drive – Theft of Property
More than $350 worth of items, including Apple AirPods, were reported stolen.

3000 block of San Miguel Drive – Fraudulent Use/ Possession of Identifying Info
A victim reported that a known suspect used their personal information to take out a loan.

800 block of Grape Street – Theft of Property
A North Abilene business reported nearly $1,300 worth of merchandise was stolen, including a wheelchair. Stolen goods were recovered.

1300 block of Barrow Street – Theft of Property
A theft was reported out of a South Abilene department store. Nearly $3,700 worth of cash and merchandise was reported stolen. The victim is pressing charges.

2200 block of Titan Street – Theft of Firearm
A victim reported that a $1,400 AR-15 firearm was stolen from their unlocked vehicle overnight.

2200 block of South Danville Drive – Criminal Trespass
A property owner reported a man was trespassing and told police he had been asked to leave. Police arrested the man when he became combative after an officer also asked him to leave.

3200 block of South 23rd Street – Criminal Mischief
Two unknown people younger than 18 years of age reportedly stole two fire extinguishers and used them to spray several vehicles.

2900 block of Russell Avenue – Family Violence
A 66-year-old reported that she was assaulted by her 64-year-old husband during an argument.

3900 block of Wake Forest Lane – Tampering with Consumer Product
A victim reported on Halloween that she received a candy bar with a ‘foreign object’ in it in South Abilene.

1900 block of Pine Street – Family Violence Assault
A woman reported that her girlfriend hit her in the mouth with a plate. The victim said she wants to press charges.


Gene Rumfield – Public Intoxication
Police were called to respond to a disturbance in the 200 block of Sayles Boulevard. Officers found Rumfield, matching witness discription, as he was lying across the street at a local business. The business requested that he be trespassed from the property. Rumfield was visibly intoxicated and arrested.

John Cox – Criminal Trespass, Resist Arrest Search or Transport
Cox was found to be trespassing on private property in the 2200 block of South Danville Drive. The property owner had already asked him to leave, and became combative. When police arrived to get Cox to leave, he lunged a officer in attempt to fight. He resisted arrest but was eventually arrested without injury. Cox is a known mental patient who refused help. He’s been arrested for similar incidents.

Samuel Starling – Warrant
Officers were dispatched to check on reports of a suspicious person in the area of Lowden and Cypress Streets. Police discovered that he had a warrant for his arrest.

Andrew Roberts – Family Violence Assault
A victim reported that her husband hit her in her mouth with a closed fist during a verbal argument. Police noted visible injury to her lower left lip with dried blood, consistent with her claim. Roberts reportedly admitted to hitting her after she allegedly spit in his face. The victim is wanting to press charges, and requested an emergency protective order against Roberts.

Zachary Arnold – Family Violence Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Abandonment/ Endangerment of Child
Arnold was contacted in the 6000 block of Pueblo Drive in regards to a report of an assault. Two victims and a witness told police Arnold nearly hit a 14-year-old victim with a bat, but instead hit a male victim who stepped in to protect the girl. Both that victim and Arnold sustained minor injuries from their fight. Other family members wrestled the bat from Arnold. The male victim will not be pressing charges.

Gabriel Ditmore – Warrant
Police found Ditmore in Downtown Abilene, known to have a warrant for his arrest.

Carlton Lovato – Public Intoxication
Police were called to the Greyhound Station in reference to a publicly intoxicated person. Lovato emitted a strong odor of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. He was kicked off a bus and arrested.

Rochelle Garver – Possession of a Controlled Substance
Garver was contacted in the 2300 block of North 1st Street during a routine traffic stop. She was seen with a narcotic pipe in her hand, and admitted to having a controlled substance on her person. 14.36 grams of the substance tested positive for meth.

Kevin Garcia Lendof – Public Intoxication
Garcia Lendof was contacted by police as he was involved in a fight. Officers could smell alcohol on him and he had small empty bottles of vodka on his person. Police said he was intoxicated was intoxicated to a point of danger to himself and others.

Elizabeth Dorn – Family Violence Assault
Police were called to the 2800 block of Buffalo Gap Road where they found a victim who said his girlfriend assaulted him. The victim said an argument began because Dorn liked her ex-boyfriend’s social media pictures. Eventually, as according to the victim, Dorn slapped him in his face, scratched him and pulled his hair. The victim’s mother was called in to take care of their infant son.

Clayton Woodyard – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Posession of Marijuana, Manufacturing or Delivery of a Controlled Substance
Officers were dispatched to a disturbance at an Allsup’s store in the 1700 block of Highway 351. Woodyard called APD, making paranoid statements. On Woodyard’s person, police found a knife, marijuana pipe, two scales, numerous syringes, meth and marijuana.