CROSS PLAINS, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Parents of Cross Plains ISD students are shocked after finding that their children were encouraged to visit a social media page that has sexually suggestive content following a school anti-substance abuse and anti-bullying performance.

The New York-based ‘Echo Dance Team’ performs for all grades and delivers a positive message. However, one member known as J-line promoted the Instagram page for his separate music career following the assembly. A page school officials said they were not made aware of, and its contents were not in line with the message the team came to spread.

“He’s completely nude, completely. Even shows all the way down one leg, and he just has something covering his private parts,” said Cross Plains mother, Ashley Fulcher.

The press release put out by Cross Plains ISD states that the group was looked into, and they found nothing but positive reviews. Officials also stated that the performance was positive and free of inappropriate content like that found on the social media page, and they were not made aware that any other content would be promoted. Cross Plains mother, Sarah Perry, said the situation would have been fine if not for the social media promotion.

“It would have been a great experience for the kids. He had a great message come across to them… And it’s fine until the end of it when he doesn’t advertise the Echo Dance Team; he advertises his Instagram handle, his personal Instagram handle,” Perry told KTAB/KRBC.

The content found on the page includes photos of the performer J-line almost nude in some photos. Perry said her 15-year-old niece described the page as ‘odd’ and that it made her ‘very uncomfortable.’

“Knowing that you’re in a school full of minors and what you have posted advertising them to come basically look at you in the nude, that’s not okay, and that’s definitely red flags for more dangerous subjects,” said Fulcher.

Some parents have raised concern over the performer’s LGBTQIA+ identity, but Fulcher and others said that’s not the problem, nor are they concerned that he has a music career separate from his dance crew. Rather, they take issue with the fact that he used his platform to promote his other business without notifying the school.

“I guess everyone’s mad because he’s gay. That’s not even an issue,” Fulcher said.

Perry shared that she is sad that children who hoped to find more anti-substance abuse and anti-bullying content were directed to a page not affiliated with the program and found suggestive content instead. Perry said that this undercuts the message that was presented at the school.

“I think the Echo dance team needs to take into consideration that he’s ruining their message… He’s not preaching the anti-bullying to the full extent when he’s advertising himself as echo dance team and then turning around and giving the kids J-line,” said Perry.

Similar news stories from other school districts confirm that this is not the first time this situation has happened. A positive message followed by the advertisement of J-line’s Instagram page drew anger from parents.

KTAB/KRBC has reached out to the Echo Dance Team and Performer J-line for comment, though they have not yet responded to the request.