ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) — D-BAT Abilene is taking advanced precautions with the rising threat of coronavirus.

After the doors reopen, D-BAT will deal with fewer customers and will instead have one-on-one interactions for lessons.

D-BAT General Manager Culver Lamb said, “The normal things we would do on a day-to-day operations basis is Lysol spray all of the bats that are commonly touched, all of the helmets that we use for rent, that is just the day-to-day operations. Now with the virus coming up, we had the germ killer from Armament Shield come through. Now it’s also stronger chemicals on everything in the facility.”

D-BAT is doing everything they can to make sure their clients are safe and properly taken care of.

“We’re making phone calls saying, ‘Do you want to do your lesson tonight?’ If no, we understand and we’ll take it out. Yes, then ‘OK, this is what we’re doing to make sure you feel safe.’ In each cage it’s one instructor and one athlete and that’s it,” Lamb said.

D-BAT’s revenue streams, workers, and instructors are all experiencing a major hit.

“We’ve had memberships either being suspended or terminated,” Lamb says. “We’ve lost 40 within two weeks. For some of our instructors this is their only job, this is their only source of income.”