Editor’s Note: The following arrest and incident reports were supplied by the Abilene Police Department. All information below comes from reports made by responding officers, and all suspects are considered not guilty unless determined otherwise in a court of law.


2400 block of Buffalo Gap Road – Assault Family Violence
Two people are accused of hitting each other in the face during an argument.

1200 block of Musken Road – Burglary of Vehicle
A report for Burglary of a Motor Vehicle was taken in north Abilene.

2900 block of Vogel Avenue – Theft of Material
A cell phone contractor reported $8,000 worth of copper wire was stolen from a tower in Abilene.

2500 block of Glenwood Drive – Terroristic Threat
A suspect is accused of threatening to shoot a victim’s residence.

2200 block of Vogel Avenue – Burglary of Vehicle
A laptop worth $500 was reported stolen in north Abilene.

4500 block of S 1st Street – Burglary of Habitation
A Burglary of Habitation report was taken in south Abilene.

2600 block of Clack Street – Criminal Mischief
A known suspect is accused of driving her vehicle into a building, causing $2500 worth of damage.

3500 block of Curry Lane – Burglary of Habitation
A victim reported an unknown suspect stole jewelry and cash worth $1,000 from her home.

1300 block of 14th Street – Criminal Trespass
Police responded to a criminal trespass call in south Abilene.

4400 block of Ridgemont Drive – Assault
A report of assault was taken in south Abilene

2300 block of S 7th Street – Assault Family Violence
A report was taken to document Assault Family Violence at an Abilene group home.


Johnny Barbee – Warrant
Barbee was taken into custody on an active warrant.

Felipe Vielma – Warrant
Vielma was contacted in reference to an active warrant and was arrested.

Anna Arsaiga – Hit and Run

Chelsie Smith – Warrant
Smith was contacted during a call for service and was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

James Morgan – Warrant
Morgan was contacted during a traffic stop and was found to have an outstanding warrant.

Ashley Rahn – Public Intoxication
Rahn was seen screaming and cussing at children while intoxicated. She was still showing signs of intoxication when officers arrived and she was arrested for being a danger to herself and others.

Staci Maldonado – Driving While Intoxicated
Maldonado was contacted after causing a crash then continuing to drive one, hitting a fire hydrant a quarter mile away. She was showing signs of being intoxicated and her blood was drawn via warrant.

Daniel Huffman – Warrant
Huffman is accused of causing a disturbance at an Abilene store. He was found to have active warrants when contacted by police.

Isabel Espinoza – Disorderly Conduct
Espinoza was contacted during a verbal altercation and was arrested for refusing to calm down when officers arrived.

Christina Vasquez – Public Intoxication
Vasquez is accused of being involved in a fight at a bar. She was showing signs of being intoxicated and refused to leave with designated driver. She was arrested for being a danger to herself and others.

Brandon Crabtree – Public Intoxication
Crabtree was contacted for being intoxicated in public and he was showing signs when police arrived. He was arrested for being a danger to himself and others.