Editor’s Note: The following arrest and incident reports were supplied by the Abilene Police Department. All information below comes from reports made by responding officers, and all suspects are considered not guilty unless determined otherwise in a court of law.


3100 block of Ventura Drive – Burglary of Vehicle
A victim reported their wallet, containing identifying information and credit cards, was stolen during a burglary of a vehicle.

3800 block of N 1st Street – Criminal Mischief
An unknown suspect attached an extension cord to a victim’s exterior outlet. This area is near a homeless camp.

4500 block of S 1st Street – Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse
A report was taken for credit/debit card abuse in the amount of $410.

1100 block of N 1st Street – Theft of Property
A theft was reported in north Abilene, where a purse, wallet, earphones, and a drivers license was stolen. Total value of stolen goods is more than $800.

3800 block of FM 18 – Theft of Motor Vehicle
A report for a stolen vehicle was completed.

2700 block of Hunt Street – Criminal Trespass Habitation
An arrest for Criminal Trespass was made

1100 block of Houston Street – Violation of Bond/Protective Order
A man was hospitalized due to wounds he sustained the night before and it was discovered he had violated an Emergency Protective Order.

2400 block of S 1st Street – Assault
A man was assaulted outside a gas station.

4600 block of Plover Lane – Violation of Bond/Protective Order
A south Abilene residence reported her soon-to-be-ex husband violated the conditions of his bond by communicating with her.

2100 block of Bridge Avenue – Injury to Child/Elderly/Disabled
A 70-yar-old victim was assaulted by a known suspect.

1300 block of Almond Street – Assault Family Violence
A victim reported her boyfriend hit her in the face with a dog cage.

1400 block of Westheimer Road – Criminal Mischief
A suspect tried to harm herself and drove her car into a dumpster, causing damage.

5100 block of S 7th Street – Burglary of Vehicle
A victim reported their vehicle was burglarized at a gas station in south Abilene.


Marquis Ware
Ware was contacted and arrested on outstanding warrants.

Alfred Beaver – Public Intoxication
Beaver was contacted after unlawfully entering a residence that did not belong to him and was showing signs of being intoxicated.

MISDEMEANOR CITATION ISSUED – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
A suspect was pulled over for having a brake light violation. Officers smelled marijuana and a subsequent search yielded a small amount and some paraphernalia.

Jon Davis – Harassment of Public Servant and Criminal Trespass
Davis was harassing customers at a local fast-food drive thru after he was previously criminally trespassed.

Charles Mayes – Warrant
Mayes was contacted during a traffic stop and found to have outstanding warrants.

Trey Whitehead – Criminal Trespass
Whitehead is accused of stepping into the yard of a property he was criminally trespassed from.

Heather James – Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon
James is accused of threatening to kill a victim with a knife, cutting the victim on his hand.

Christifer Flye – Public Intoxication, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Flye was contacted during a disturbance. He was exhibiting signs of being intoxicated from alcohol and admitted to using cocaine. He had been breaking windows at this mom’s house. Marijuana was found in his possession.

Kendrick Robinson – Warrant
Robinson was contacted during a disturbance and found to have an active warrant.

Scotty O’Bannon – Public Intoxication
O’Bannon was contacted after a resident saw him outside holding onto a tree. He was asleep outside the home when officers arrived and was exhibiting signs of being intoxicated.

Krystopher Wells – Possession of Controlled Substance
Wells was contacted while asleep in the backseat of the vehicle. The defendant’s 13-year-old daughter was in the driver’s seat. 2 grams of heroin and a syringe full of heroin was found in the vehicle, along with multiple crushed up foil pieces with brown tar substances.

Dawson Stille – Warrant, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Stille was contacted during a traffic stop for no license plate lights and was found to have 3 active warrants for his arrest. A small amount of marijuana was found during a subsequent search of his person.

Dakotah Huff – Manufacture Delivery of Controlled Substance, Failure to Identify, Warrant
Huff was stopped for having an expired license plate and an K9 alerted to narcotics. A subsequent searched yielded 115 grams of methamphetamine.

Tauyna Glover – Manufacture/Delivery of Controlled Substance
Glover was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped for having an expired license plate and an K9 alerted to narcotics. A subsequent searched yielded 115 grams of methamphetamine.