Editor’s Note: The following arrest and incident reports were supplied by the Abilene Police Department. All information below comes from reports made by responding officers, and all suspects are considered not guilty unless determined otherwise in a court of law.


2200 block of Vogel Avenue – Injury to Child/Elderly/Disabled
A victim reported his nephew hit him in the face with a stick multiple times.

2200 block of Westmoreland Street – Burglary of Vehicle
A Burglary of Motor Vehicle report was taken in north Abilene. A purse worth $500 was reported stolen.

1900 block of Grand Avenue – Fraudulent Use/Possession of Identifying Information
A victim reported he received a collection notice for $2485 worth of credit card debt someone had accrued in his name.

4600 block of S Treadaway Boulevard – Theft of Property
A victim reported a jackhammer worth $1,500 was stolen from his property.

4800 block of N 10th Street – Burglary of Building
A victim reported a suspect was found inside his business who had eaten and drinken several items from the fridge.

500 block of Portland Avenue – Theft of Firearm
Two handguns worth $3,000 were reported stolen during a vehicle burglary.

1600 block of Highway 351 – Theft of Property
A known suspect is accused of stealing $270 worth of items from an Abilene grocery store.

1200 block of S San Jose Drive – Theft of Property
A victim reproted his cell phone worth $1,300 was stolen and that his $1,200 cell phone was damaged.

1300 block of Truman Street – Fraudulent Use/Possession of Identifying Information
A victim reported she felt some tax documents at a residence and now someone has filed taxes with her information for the past 2 years.

5100 block of Fairmont Street – Unlawful Restraint
Officers responded to a disturbance in north Abilene where a suspect is accused of grabbing his girlfriend and shoving her against a concrete barrier. He is also accused of restraining the girlfriend and some of his friends, preventing them from leaving the apartment.

2100 block of Lincoln Drive – Burglary of Vehicle
A victim reported someone entered his truck and stole a firearm worth $150.

1300 block of Barrow Street – Theft of Property
A south Abilene business reported a suspect stole $350 worth of merchandise and that they do wish to press charges. The suspect has been previously warned of criminal trespass.

5200 block of Hwy 277 S – Indecent Exposure
A victim reported a man was touching himself inappropriately in the parking lot of a south Abilene apartment complex.


Edward King – Injury to Child/Elderly/Disabled, Warrant
Officers contacted King during a disturbance call. He’s accused of assaulting his uncle during a verbal altercation that turned physical. He allegedly hit his uncle with a walking stick multiple times. He was also found to have a warrant for a child sex crime.

Tammy Castillo – Warrant
Castillo was pulled over for speeding and found to have an active warrant.

Kate Kahler – Theft of Property
Kahler is accused of taking $270 worth of items from an Abilene store. She was seen placing items into bags and not paying for them in the self checkout area.

Juan Wylie – Warrant
Wylie was contacted during a disturbance and was found to have an active warrant

Kevin Travier – Unlawful Restraint, Assault Threat
Travier is accused of restraining his girlfriend from leaving as well as her friends. He’s also accused of shoving one of the friends and blocking the doorway.

Jermane Sanchez – Theft of Property, Criminal Trespass
Sanchez is accused of taking $356 worth of merchandise from an Abilene grocery store.

Rico McCrary – Possession of Dangerous Drug, Possession of Controlled Substance, Warrant
McCrary was pulled over for committing a traffic violation on a bicycle and was found to have a controlled substance in his pocket.

Chad Viel – Assault Family Violence
Viel is accused of pushing a victim to the ground, causing injury.

Jacy Morey – Driving While Intoxicated
Morey was pulled over for driving 57 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. He was showing signs of being intoxicated and failed multiple field sobriety tests. He was arrested and his blood was drawn via warrant.