Editor’s Note: The following arrest and incident reports were supplied by the Abilene Police Department. All information below comes from reports made by responding officers, and all suspects are considered not guilty unless determined otherwise in a court of law.


2100 block of River Oaks Circle – Burglary of Vehicle
A victim reported an unknown suspect stole a firearm, cash, and a wallet from his vehicle.

1600 block of N Treadaway Boulevard – Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information
A report for possession and use of identifying information was generated.

700 block of Peach Street – Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information.
A report for possession and use of identifying information was generated.

1200 block of Yeomans Road – Terroristic Threat

1000 block of Portland Avenue – Assault Family Violence
A suspect was arrested for assault family violence.

1700 block of Westwood Drive – Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon
A victim was assaulted in north Abilene.

1100 block of Westheimer Road – Assault Family Violence
An assault family violence report was taken.

3600 block of E Hwy 80 – Possession of Controlled Substance
A suspect was arrested for stealing vehicle parts and possessing a controlled substance.

1600 block of Ambler Avenue – Theft of Property
A suspect was caught shoplifting in north Abilene.

1900 block of Pine Street – Theft of Property
A victim reported her phone was stolen in the waiting room of a hospital.

1100 block of Vine Street – Criminal Mischief
A victim’s vehicle was damaged by a known suspect.

1600 block of Hwy 351- Theft of Property
Two suspects were arrested for stealing merchandise from a north Abilene business.

1200 block of Elm Street – Theft of Property
An attempted theft was reported in south Abilene.

5800 block of Texas Avenue – Aggravated Assault Deadly Weapon
A victim reported her ex-boyfriend held a gun to her head.

300 block of Southlake Drive – Assault Family Violence
A report for Assault Family Violence was taken.

2800 block of Buffalo Gap Road – Theft of Property
Pills were reported stolen in south Abilene.

1100 block of Musken Road – Warrant
A suspect was arrested on multiple warrants after officers responded to a disturbance in north Abilene.

800 block of N Jefferson Drive – Violation of Bond
A suspect was arrested in north Abilene for violation of a protective order.

8000 block of Bonnie Circle – Aggravated Assault
Neighbors reported they were awoken to gunfire in a residential area.

1600 block of W Stamford Street – Assault
Two suspects got into a fight over a lottery ticket. one was pushed to the ground and the other was bitten during the fight. Neither suspects wanted to cooperate with police.

300 block of Bowie Drive – Publish/Threaten to Publish Intimate Visual Material
A victim reported an unknown suspect posted nude photographs of her to a wbsite.

4200 block of N 1st Street – Burglary of Building
A north Abilene business owner reported her store was broken into and items were stolen.

2600 block of Maple Street – Assault Family Violence
A victim reported his ex-girlfriend struck him, causing a bloody lip.

2500 block of Barrow Street – Assault
A victim reported he was assaulted by two unknown suspects.

500 block of Portland Avenue – Theft of Property
A victim reported a known suspect took several items of value from within the home.

00 block of Dawn Court – Assault Pregnant Person
A victim reported she was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend.

00 block of Tamarisk Circle – Assault Family Violence
Police responded to a disturbance where a victim reported he was assaulted by his special needs son.

3700 block of Duke Lane – Assault Family Violence
Two suspects were fighting in south Abilene.

5600 block of Hawk Circle – Violation of Bond
A report was completed for violation of bond/protective order.

4300 block of N 7th Street – Assault
A known suspect assaulted a victim in north Abilene.


Rhiana Titus – Public Intoxication

Justin Kirkpatrick – Warrant

Gary Merriam – Possession of Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana

Melissa Holloway – Driving While Intoxicated

Maurice Smith – Driving While Intoxicated

Candice Dockins – Assault Family Violence

Christopher Alvarado – Driving While Intoxicated

Timothy Kister – Driving While Intoxicated

Ernest Hathaway – Assault Family Violence

Richard Gonzales – Warrant

Lupe Morales – Possession of Controlled Substance, Theft of Property

Shawn Caloway – Theft of Property, Warrant

Kassi Hemphill – Theft of Property

Jesse Diaz – Warrant

Ollie Tutt – Warrant

Jonathan O’Donnell – Theft of Property

Deven Bailey – Driving While Intoxicated, Resist Arrest

Darnellki Williams – Warrant, Burglary of Habitation, Evading Arrest Detention

Orlando Lemus Orellana – Driving While Intoxicated Open Container

Cori Fingers – Warrant

Deiby Cruz-Suazo – Failure to Identify, Noise Violation

Destiny Rocha – Warrant

Terry Rodriguez – Warrant

Eric Gomez – Assault Family Violence

Payton Williams – Violation of Bond/Protective Order

Bill Hobbs – Public Intoxication

Brenton Davis – Failure to Identify, Resist Arrest, Criminal Trespass

Alexander Baca – Warrant

Nicholas Acosta – Failure to Identify

Jacklyn Hines – Unlawful Carrying Weapon, Driving While Intoxicated

Skyler Wilson – Public Intoxication