1200 block of Albany Street – Burglary of Vehicle 
A victim reported his rental vehicle was broken into while it was parked outside his parents’ home in south Abilene. Multiple items, including a laptop, iPad, nintendo switch, a hard drive, a backpack, and books were taken. Total value of stolen items is nearly $3,000.

800 block of Clack Street – Theft of Property 
An unknown suspect got out of a car next to a vehicle rental business then got inside a rental vehicle, where the previous customer had left the keys instead of putting them into the drop box. This suspect then driver off in the rental vehicle and the car he got out of followed. 

2200 block of Ambler Avenue – Criminal Mischief
An unknown suspect burned items in the bathroom at a north Abilene park, causing around $500 worth of damage. 

3300 block of Sherry Lane – Theft of Property 
A victim reported her tablet worth $230 was stolen from a north Abilene apartment complex. 

700 block of Peach Street – Arson
A victim reported her ex-boyfriend tried to set fire to the gas fill port area of her pickup truck. The fire went out after melting the area around the gas cap and the truck was damaged. 

4500 block of S 1st Street – Harassment
A victim reported harassment by a known suspect. 

4500 block of S 1st Street – Assault Family Violence 
A victim was assaulted by her husband. 

2600 block of Nonesuch Road – Burglary of Habitation
A victim says an unknown person kicked in the door of his apartment and assaulted his roommate, taking money from his roommate and from the home. The victim was not home when this happened but requested a report due to damages to the apartment and stolen rent money. 

1100 block of Cabernet Drive – Assault Family Violence 
Police responded to a “disturbance old in nature” call involving family violence. 

600 block of Pecan Street – Burglary of Building 
A victim reported his business had been broken into and property was taken.

200 block of Mockingbird Lane – Burglary of Habitation 
A home in south Abilene was burglarized. The suspect took an air conditioner, two cameras, pyrex dishes, and personal documents. Stolen items are valued at more than $1,100. 

900 block of Nelson Drive – Burglary of Habitation
A victim reported someone entered their home and stole a vehicle starter worth $75. 

2800 block of S 25th Street – Theft of Firearm 
A suspect was found to be in possession of a stolen firearm during a disturbance. The suspect was arrested for unlawful carrying of weapon. 

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION – Assault Family Violence
Officers were dispatched to a disturbance and found a suspect had assaulted a victim. 

200 block of College Drive – Assault Family Violence 
A victim reported her boyfriend slapped her in the face and caused her pain. 

7900 block of Hwy 83/84 – Assault Family Violence 
An adult victim says her father assaulted her during a mental crisis. There were no visible injuries. 

3300 block of Waverly Avenue – Burglary of Vehicle
A man was arrested after an Abilene resident caught him trying to steal his son’s vehicle and held him at gunpoint. 


Elizabeth Santana – Warrant
Santana was contacted during a traffic stop and found to have an outstanding warrant.

Randy Sliger – Warrant
Sliger was contacted during a traffic stop and found to have an outstanding warrant. 

Tremane Neal – Warrant
Neal was contacted during a trafic stop and found to have outstanding warrants. 

Richard Alvarez – Warrant
Alvarez was contacted as a passenger in a car in reference to a disturbance. He was found drinking alcohol in a business parking lot with his girlfriend. He was found to have an active warrant. 

Jonathan Spires – Warrant
Spires was contacted during a traffic stop and found to have active warrants. 

Larry Garcia – Driving with License Invalid 
Garcia was contacted during a traffic stop and officers learned his driver license had expired in 2008. He had five prior convictions of driving with no license.

Ryan Garcia – Theft of Firearm, Unlawful Carrying of Weapon
Garica was contacted during a disturbance in progress and was found to have a handgun in his pocket. He was only 18-years-old. He admitting to taking the handgun from his sister’s apartment. 

Joshua Brazee – Intoxication Assault with Vehicle
Brazee was contacted during a crash and officers noticed he was exhibiting signs of being intoxicated. He did admitted to having a few drinks at a local bar and failed multiple field sobriety tests. His blood was draw via consent. Two people sustained serious bodily injury during the crash involving Brazee. 

Delania Delaurie – Assault Family Violence 
Delaurie is accused of assaulting her girlfriend during an argument. She is accused of pulling her hair, grabbing her, and attempting to rip out a facial piercing. She also smashed the victim’s phone after she called 9-1-1. The victim did have visible injuries. 

Christopher Martinez – Driving While Intoxicated 
Martinez was contacted by police after his son called to report he was drunk and driving away. The son then followed Martinez to a spot in Taylor County, where he stopped. Officers the nfound martinez sitting in the driver’s seat with the vehicle running, and he was exhibiting signs of being intoxicated. He did admit to drinking and failed multiple field sobriety tests. His blood was drawn via consent. 

Craig Campbell – Burglary of Vehicle
Campbell was held at gunpoint after an Abilene resident caught him trying to steal his son’s vehicle at 4:00 a.m. When police arrived, Campbell admitted to trying to steal the vehicle or buy it and said he had been drinking.