Editor’s Note: The following arrest and incident reports were supplied by the Abilene Police Department. All information below comes reports made by responding officers, and all suspects are considered not guilty unless determined otherwise in a court of law.


1300 block of Andy Street – Burglary of Habitation
A female reported an unknown suspect entered her unlocked apartment and stole her wallet, containing her drivers license, social security card, and multiple credit cards. The suspect also took her vehicle keys and stole her vehicle. 

3000 block of West Lake Road – Criminal Mischief
A victim reported an unknown suspect shattered the windshield to her car. 

3200 block of S Clack Street – Graffiti 
A victim reported graffiti at his property on Abilene’s south side. 

1900 block of Glendale Drive – Assault Family Violence 
A female reported her boyfriend assaulted her at a north side residence. The victim did not wish to pursue charges. 

8000 block of Tuscany Drive – Violation of Bond/Protective Order
A victim reported her husband contacted her through text message, violating an Active Protective Order. 

4500 block of S 1st Street – Forgery 
A victim reported someone attempted to cash two checks that were forged. 

2000 block of Shelton Street – Assault 
A victim reported an assault from a known suspect at a residence on the north side of town. The suspect was not at the scene when police arrived. 

1600 block of S 14th Street #C – Theft of Service 
A victim entrusted a friend with three boxes of items valued at nearly $310 while he was out of town and is refusing to give them back. The victim does not wish to press charges. 

1000 block of Foster Lane – Burglary of a Habitation 
An unknown suspect took multiple household goods from an Abilene home, including crosses, an air conditioner, a microwave, a clothes dryer, a washer, and a bedroom suite. 

200 block of Arnold Blvd #125 – Criminal Mischief 

A victim reported criminal mischief at a south Abilene residence. 

1900 block of Anderson Street – Burglary of a Vehicle 


Anthony Calhoun – Assault Family Violence 
Calhoun was contacted in reference to a disturbance in progress. A victim reported Calhoun assaulted her in their home in front of multiple children by pushing her through a bathroom door and slapping her in the face when she tried to get away. 

Raymond Darner – Warrant
Darner was contacted during a Disturbance in Progress call at an Abilene hotel and was found to have an active warrant. 

Alfred Tafoya – Warrant 
Tafoya was contacted during a traffic stop and found to have an active warrant. 

Eric Barstad – Assault Theat/Contact 
Barstad was contacted during a disturbance in progress. A victim reported he became upset when he realized all his guns were locked in a safe and that the code had been changed, which is what the victim was advised to do by officers the night before because there was concern Barstad may hurt himself. When Barstad realized he couldn’t access his guns, he shoved everything on the top of the safe onto the floor and said he was going to cut them out. He then picked up an open can of beer and hit the victim in the head. The victim did not wish to press charges but did request an emergency protective order. 

Alexander Perez – Warrant
Perez was contacted/arrested on an active warrant. 

Lashona Hunter – Warrant 
Hunter was contacted and arrested on an active warrant. 

NAME REDACTED – Misdemeanor Citation Issued 
A theft citation was issued at a store on the 1000 block of N Judge Ely Blvd 

Jesse Swindle – Public Intoxication 
Swindle was contacted after he was found passed out asleep and naked in a grassy area outside a north Abilene business. When officers arrived, Swindle was mostly naked but had recently put a t-shirt on. When officers asked Swindle to put on his clothes, he struggled to get them on, including falling straight backwards while putting his pants on. He smelled strongly of alcohol and a pint size bottle of Vodka that was 3/4 empty was found next to him. Swindle was arrested for being a threat to himself and others.