Editor’s Note: The following arrest and incident reports were supplied by the Abilene Police Department. All information below comes reports made by responding officers, and all suspects are considered not guilty unless determined otherwise in a court of law.


800 block of Mockingbird Lane – Criminal Mischief 
A report for criminal mischief was taken 

4200 block of Ridgemont Drive – Assault Family Violence – Impede Breath
A report for assault family violence was taken at a south Abilene business 

3300 block of Sherry Lane – Criminal Trespass
A suspect was warned of criminal trespass at an Abilene apartment complex last month but was caught on the property again and was arrested. 

2500 block of Danville Drive – Burglary of Building
A violin, baseball cards, a trumpet, a guitar, a vehicle chain, and a football were stolen during a burglary of a building. Items are valued at $3,200.

4300 block of Buffalo Gap Road – Theft of Property 
A suspect was arrested for stealing 9 bottles of perfume valued at $635. 

2700 block of S Treadaway Boulevard – Credit Card/Debit Card Abuse 
An unknown suspect took $5,418.09 in the form of credit/debit card abuse.

1200 block of Lillius Street – Assault Family Violence 
A suspect was arrested for Assault Family Violence. 

1600 block of Corsicana Avenue – Theft of Property 
A report was taken for theft of $360 worth of cash. 

4400 block of Buffalo Gap Road – Theft of Property 
A suspect shoplifted around $10 worth of food and drink items. 

3200 block of S Clack Street – Criminal Trespass 
A store manager reported a suspect was seen concealing property within the store and refused to leave when asked. 

1600 block of S 6th Street – Burglary of Vehicle 
A vehicle was burglarized and some property was recovered in an alley. Three knives and a wallet containing multiple bank cards and identifying pieces of information was stolen. 

00 block of Hedges Road – Burglary of Vehicle 
A victim reports an unknown suspect took two firearms valued at more than $550 from his vehicle. 

5300 block of S 7th Street – Assault Family Violence – Impede Breath 
A suspect is accused of placing his hands around his ex-girlfriend’s neck, impeding her airway during an assault. 

2400 block of S 5th Street – Burglary of Vehicle 
Outdoor equipment valued at $50 was stolen. 

2000 block of N 15th Street – Burglary of Vehicle 
A firearm valued at $650 was stolen. 


Calvin Cunningham – Criminal Trespass 
Cunningham was arrested after being caught at an apartment complex he had been warned of criminal trespass from before. 

Lashonda Hunter – Theft of Property 

Hunter was caught putting at least $80 worth of merchandise from a beauty store in her pants. She was contacted by police in the parking lot and arrested. he did confess to having the merchandise. 

Freddie Mungia – Assault Family Violence 
Mungia was arrested after an incident with his spouse. Police responded to a call and found she had visible injuries to her arms and face. Mungia said she slipped on paper and she aid she tripped on a rug while they were arguing over her phone. However, her injuries were inconsistent with her story and police determined she was assaulted. Mungia also had a minor injury to his hand which was consistent with a physical assault. 

NAME REDACTED – Misdemeanor Citation Issued 
A store observed a suspect grab two microwave meals, heat them up, conceal them in a bag, grab a fountain drink, then walk past all points of sale. The suspect said she tried to pay for the items but her card declined. She says she tried to used her card multiple times and believed it was a successful transaction. 

John Cox – Criminal Trespass, Failure to Identify
Cox was contacted after he was caught putting items into bags inside a store. He had been there for more than 3 hours and refused to leave. A manger said he also pushed a shopping cart into her when she tried to grab it. When officers arrived and told him to leave, he walked further back into the store. He also gave officers a false identity when the placed him under arrest. He was identified using the fingerprint system.

Ricardo Meza – Warrant
Meza was contacted during a traffic stop and found to have an active warrant

Natosha Ogembo – Public Intoxication 
Ogembo was contacted during a disturbance at a bar. She was messing with the DJ equipment and got into a verbal altercation with security when they asked her to leave. She also hit a security officer in the face. Officers arrived and saw her yelling and cursing at staff and patrons at the bar. She was arrested for Public Intoxication. 

Carmen Perez – Warrant, Failure to Identify 
Perez was contacted during a traffic stop for displaying an expired temporary tag. She gave officers her sisters name and date of birth when asked for identification. Upon further investigation, they learned her real identity and discovered she had an active warrant for her arrest. 

Chester Harris – Warrant 
Harris was contacted during a traffic stop and was found to have an active warrant. 

Jeremie Ndayikengurukiye – Assault Family Violence – Impede Breath 
Ndayikengurukiye was contacted during a disturbance and officers arrived and saw him attempting to attack his ex-girlfriend. He was clinching his fist and running toward her, so officers intervened, grabbing him to stop the attack. The victim is pregnant and Ndayikengurukiye was aware of the pregnancy. 

Bobby McCoy – Public Intoxication
McCoy was contacted after he was found asleep in his vehicle while it was off and legally parked at a gas station. His keys were in the console. When he awoke, officers observed signs that he was intoxicated. He did admit to consuming alcohol prior to arriving at the location. He was arrested for being a danger to himself and others. 

Andrew Cardenas – Driving While Intoxicated
Cardenas was contacted for speeding and responding officers observed signs he was intoxicated. He failed multiple field sobriety tests and breath analysis results showed his blood alcohol level to be 0.152 and 0.144.