Editor’s Note: The following arrest and incident reports were supplied by the Abilene Police Department. All information below comes from reports made by responding officers, and all suspects are considered not guilty unless determined otherwise in a court of law.


1300 block of Ross Avenue – Assault Family Violence 
A report was taken for assault family violence. 

2500 block of N Danville Drive – Criminal Mischief 
A glass front door of a business was broken overnight. 

1200 block of Grape Street – Burglary of Vehicle 
A suspect reported her vehicle was broken into and a cell phone valued at $150 was taken. 

1200 block of N 1st Street – Criminal Mischief
A business reported the fuel line to one of their vehicles was cut overnight. Security videos show a suspect crawl under the vehicle with a plastic jug, attempting to steal fuel. 

100 block of Lytle Place Drive – Forgery Financial 
A forgery report was taken in south Abilene 

5400 block of Texas Avenue – Assault Family Violence 
An assault family violence arrest was made in south Abilene.

1300 block of Grape Street – Assault 
Two males mutually agreed to fight in the parking lot of a north Abilene business, during the fight, unknown suspects joined in an assaulted a victim. 

1600 block of Hwy 351 – Theft of Property 
Three suspects were arrested at a north Abilene grocery store for switching tags and under ringing items. Stolen items are valued at $209. 

4500 block of S 1st Street – Identity Theft by Electronic Device 
A victim reported her identity was used to file for unemployment.

800 block of E Hwy 80 – Assault Impede Breath 
A victim was assaulted by a suspect at a north Abilene location. Her breath was impeded and she did feel pain. 

2400 block of S 1st Street – Criminal Trespass 
A suspect trespassed at a business property and was seen by the store manager.

4400 block of Buffalo Gap Road – Theft of Property  
A suspect attempted to steal $48 worth of food items from a store but the store was able to get them back when the suspect was confronted. 

900 block of Willis Street – Fraudulent Use/Possession of Identifying Information 
An ID was stolen at a north Abilene grocery store after it was left in the bathroom.

2800 block of S 25th Street – Burglary of Vehicle 


Bobbie Fletcher – Assault Family Violence 
Fletcher was contacted after his roommate reported that he struck her during an argument and held her wrists and pinned her down. The victim did have visible injures. 

Desarahe Conner – Theft of Property 
Conner is one of three suspects accused of switching tags on items then under ringing them at an Abilene grocery store. 

Cheryl Fryer – Theft of Property 
Fryer is one of three suspects accused of switching tags on items then under ringing them at an Abilene grocery store. 

Jeffrey Shupak – Theft of Property 
Shupak is one of three suspects accused of switching tags on items then under ringing them at an Abilene grocery store. 

Chassidy Pinner – Warrant 
Pinner was involved in a disturbance and was found to have multiple outstanding warrants. 

Dorislon Hammond – Warrant
Hammond was contacted in regard to an active warrant and was arrested. 

Clyde Allen – Possession of Child Pornography, Indecency with Child Exposes 
More than 50 videos and images of child porn was found on Allen’s cell phone. He also admitted to taking a picture naked while holding his son because a stranger on social media asked him to. 

Kristen Robinson – Possession of Controlled Substance, Unlawful Carrying of Weapon
Robinson was contacted during a traffic stop. A K9 alerted to the presence of narcotics in her vehicle, and a subsequent search yielded a syringe full of methamphetamine and a firearm. 

Melinda Soto – Driving While Intoxicated 
Soto was contacted during a traffic stop for speeding and crossing the dividing line. She did admit she had been drinking at a local bar, and she failed multiple field sobriety tests. Breath analysis results showed her blood alcohol level to be 0.153 an 0.150.