1700 block of N 3rd Street – Aggravated Assault Serious Bodily Injury
A victim reported she was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend.

500 block of China Street – Burglary of Vehicle
Several victims reported their vehicles were burglarized, and multiple items were stolen including jewelry, money, bags, credit cards, a passport, and other identifying information.

A trailer valued at $2,500 was reported stolen.

1200 block of Graham Street – Burglary of Habitation
A burglary was reported at a north Abilene residence, where building materials, an air conditioner, a water heater, and a paint sprayer were reported stolen. Stolen items are valued at just under $3,000.

1300 block of Fannin Street – Criminal Mischief
A victim reports her vehicle window as damaged overnight by a bb gun or similar item.

4500 block of Antilley Road – Theft of Property
A student reported $200 worth of property was stolen from her bag during school.

4400 block of Buffalo Gap Road
A suspect was caught stealing $45 worth of food items from a south Abilene store.

1500 block of S 3rd Street – Indecent Assault
A victim reported she was assaulted in south Abilene.

1400 block of Yeomans Road – Criminal Mischief
A report for criminal mischief was taken in south Abilene.

3000 block of S 1st Street – Assault Family Violence
A victim claimed she was assaulted by her boyfriend.

1400 block of Cedar Crest Drive – Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse
A victim reported an unknown suspect made multiple fraudulent transactions through her financial institution.

1100 block of N 6th Street – Criminal Mischief
A man threw a rock in north Abilene while he was high on an unknown substance.


Brandon Cole-Clay – Assault Family Violence, Resisting Arrest
Cole-Clay is accused of pushing his girlfriend down during a verbal argument. There were visible injuries. When officers tried to arrest him, he tried to fight them off and refused to comply with commands.

Martin Mendez – Assault Family Violence
Mendez is accused of hitting and victim, causing visible injury.

Colton White – Theft of Property
White is accused of stealing a trailer and was arrested after it was found in his possession.

Jeromy Elliott – Theft of Property
Elliott was caught stealing $45 worth of food items from an Abilene store.

Colby Mitchell – Manufacture Delivery of Controlled Substance
Officers saw Mitchell pick up an uncapped syringe and put it in a backpack. They then looked in the bag and found multiple bags of methamphetamine.

Darrel Caldera – Warrant, Evading Arrest
Officers tried to initiate a traffic stop on Caldera, who was a known wanted person, and he fled at a low rate of speed. This was days after he had evaded officers on foot. He was arrested on an active warrant.

Tyrone Babcock – Assault Family Violence
Babcock is accused of grabbing his girlfriend’s face and throwing her to the ground after she refused to give him a cigarette. She did have visible injuries and wishes to press charges.

Jessie Dunn – Public Intoxication
Dunn was found passed out at a north Abilene restaurant and refused to leave. He told officers he was homeless and had drunk two 4 Lokos and a beer. He was arrested for being a danger to himself and others.

Jose Alcala – Burglary of a Habitation
Alcala is accused of forcing his way into his ex-girlfriend’s house. He threw a brick into some picture frames then threw the girlfriend onto the ground, causing visible injuries. He was also constantly texting her while officers were there.

Charles Heatherly – Criminal Trespass
Heatherly is accused of scaring workers at a restaurant, even starting fires in the trash cans outside. He was arrested for criminal trespass.

Jennifer Delacruz – Warrant
Delacruz was contacted during a traffic stop and arrested on outstanding warrants.

John Patterson – Discharge Firearm in Certain Municipalities
Patterson is accused of discharging a firearm in front of his residence in south Abilene. The firearm was recovered.