(NBC) — Dance challenges have become a big thing on social media, especially in the past two years, and a new show is bringing some of those challenges to NBC in “Dancing with Myself.”

“We noticed a lot of people started to have that need to express themselves and posted videos online,” said celebrity show creator Shakira.

The Latin music queen, along with singer Nick Jonas and YouTube star Liza Koshy all get a close-up look at the social media sensations in this new dance challenge series.

“This show is all about people who’ve gone viral on the internet,” said Jonas.

“Dancing with Myself” may not be a product of the pandemic but rather, of the many people dancing at home while cooped up during Covid.

“People who are usually watching the television or clearing the furniture out of the living room to dance in front of the television, are now on television,” said Koshy.

Each week, 12 performers are put into individual pods where they try to quickly master high-energy dance challenges. Some dances are designed and demonstrated by the show’s celebrity creators and its host Camille Kostek.

“I always say if you’re not nervous, then you know you’re not ready because those nerves add that extra adrenaline and push it, push that performance to the next level,” said Kostek.

Studio audience votes decide the challenge winners and the celebs have “saves” as well. Eventually, each week’s winner earns a $25 thousand prize.

“Just let that passion speak on stage and have that experience of being on stage in front of millions of people,” said Shakira.

Where the contestant’s moves can meet the moment.

“I think dance is like a smile,” said Kostek. “It’s a universal language.”

One that’s getting an all-new showcase.

“Dancing with Myself” premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m., following the season premiere of “America’s Got Talent.”