CLYDE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – There is no doubt West Texas is known for its hot and dry conditions. This summer, Clyde residents may have to find a new area to cool off since the city implemented a stage one drought contingency water conservation notice.

Clyde City Administrator, Christopher McGuire told KTAB/KRBC Clyde Lake is continuing to face drought conditions.

“It’s 10 feet, 2 inches below our spillway. That tells us the lake is less than 50 percent full… Folks can still fish on the lake, but because the water level is low, it’s dangerous low now. We restricted motorized boats,” explained McGuire.

Clyde Lake is Callahan County’s main water supplier, per McGuire. Because of the low levels, the City of Clyde said it’ll have to shut off the splash pad to preserve the water supply.

“Besides the City of Clyde, [we supply to] Callahan County Water Supply Corporation and the Eula Water Supply Corporation, so little bit of an inconvenience about the splash pad not being open, but it’s to make sure everybody has clean drinking water and we’re supplying all the water customers with the water they need,” McGuire expanded.

The City of Clyde continued to explain how these are all preventative measures to ensure conditions don’t worsen later this summer.

“In the long, it’s the best for the community, it’s the best for the lake. So, we are asking everybody to please voluntary try to reduce your water consumption by 10 percent,” pleaded McGuire.

Amanda Cairns from Clyde told KTAB/KRBC for now, she will drive to Abilene to use those splash pads.

“It’s definitely something that we look forward to, it’s something that’s going to be missed, it’s something we’ll have to supplement, you know, by going into Abilene more often instead of staying coming and staying in our local area,” Cairns said.

As disappointed as some Clyde parents are, Cairns said she believes it’s best to preserve the water Clyde has for necessities rather than entertainment.

“Water is nice for entertainment, but ultimately, we have to have it and so I applaud them for that decision,” added Cairns.

A new splash pad is expected to be added to Clyde’s new sports complex this coming fall season, according to McGuire. He said it will have a water recirculating system to keep it running during the summers even with drought conditions.