ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – The Development Corporation of Abilene (DCOA) will work on the eighth largest project in the past 34 years with ABI Windows, a family-owned small business based in New Mexico.

‘Project Bonanza’ was passed by the Abilene City Council Thursday morning with an approved $8.48 million incentive package to allow the DCOA to negotiate with ABI Windows. Misty Mayo, President and Chief Executive Officer of the DCOA, said in a press release that this project will help create a new industry group.

“This is the eighth largest project in the DCOA’s 34-Year History. It is of particular note that the project is in the DCOA’s Five Points Business Park as we continue to show the benefits of Abilene around the country and world. We have the land, space, opportunity, and expertise to grow businesses year after year in Abilene,” said Mayo.

This project is expected to provide 175 full-time jobs with an average salary of more than $45,000. ABI Windows is a manufacturer and distributor of windows and supplies. With this project, the DCOA wrote this will create a new industry of window manufacturing in the Abilene community. Mayor Anthony Williams shared that he is proud of this new project.

“These are quality, well-paying jobs for the citizens of Abilene. We’re proud ABI Windows has chosen to invest and grow here in Abilene,” said Williams.

Throughout the next ten years, the estimated impact of the expansion is $858.2 million. For each dollar the DCOA invests in ABI Windows, the economic impact is expected to be $114.82 for Abilene. DCOA Board Chair Sam Vinson shared that this opportunity will build long-term partnerships for Abilene.

“The attraction of ABI Windows into Abilene is a tremendous opportunity to ensure the viability of our community for years to come. We will continue to build long-term partnerships to ensure companies who choose Abilene stay, grow, and prosper here,” said Vinson.

ABI Windows will temporarily lease a DCOA-owned building while the company builds a 150,000-square-foot facility in the DCOA’s Five Points Business Park.

“We are excited to join and invest in the Abilene community,” said Benjamin Rawson, President of ABI Windows. “We chose Abilene for our new facility because of its ideal location, quality workforce, and the opportunity for future growth. We look forward to expanding into this great community.”

According to the press release, the project will tap into Abilene’s labor force and will help secure Abilene as a premier location for the manufacturing industry.