TUSCOLA, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – Residents of Taylor County’s Precinct 3 showed up to the November election, faced with a proposition unique to the area: A vote on the ability to sell wine and beer in that specific part of the precinct. The vote passed by a wide margin, with 76% of voters in favor of the measure.

The proposition came up in this election mainly due to the recent establishment of a new travel center called Bowie’s. Previously, there had been no businesses in that area with intent to sell alcohol, so, no vote was ever held. A partner with Bowie’s, Dale Rankin, told KTAB/KRBC he was pleased with the results of the vote.

“We expected it to pass, and the timing is just right because we’re still planning, tentatively, to open January the second,” explained Rankin. “So, we have time to get all our licensing done.”

With a business of such a large scale, Rankin said alcohol is quite necessary to make up its sales margins.

“There’s nowhere else to make up the margin, really. That drives a lot of traffic to the store,” Rankin spelled out.

Although more than three quarters of this precinct’s residents voted in favor to make the area damp, some neighbors voiced in opposition. A door-to-door poll by KTAB/KRBC and election results showed that overwhelming majority in favor of allowing alcohol sales.

“I did talk to one lady that said that she just couldn’t vote for anything related to liquor, and I respect that,” added Rankin. “I understand that.”